tl;dr: 27-09-2018

  • An Outbreak of Synthetic Cannabinoid–Associated Coagulopathy in Illinois | NEJM (link)
  • Congratulations. Your Study Went Nowhere. – The New York Times (link)
  • Computational Courtship: Understanding the Evolution of Online Dating through Large-scale Data Analysis (link)
  • Global Geography of Human Subsistence (link)
  • Michael Lewis: and the fifth risk (link)

tl;dr: 19-09-2018

  • How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? (link)
  • A new antenna using single atoms could usher in the age of atomic radio (link)
  • U. of Pennsylvania Says It Will Be First Ivy to Offer Online Bachelor’s Degree (link)
  • Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked To Oral Microbiota Composition (link)

tl;dr: 18-09-2018

  • Sensation Seeking and Hedge Funds (link)
  • Explosive Behavior In The Prices Of Bitcoin And Altcoins (link)
  • The Hot Hand in Professional Darts (link)
  • Day-Tripping To The Dispensary: Seniors In Pain Hop Aboard The Canna-Bus  (link)

tl;dr: 14-09-2018

  • The Best Books on Wittgenstein (link)
  • Retaliation on a voodoo doll symbolizing an abusive supervisor restores justice  (link)
  • Monitoring of the central blood pressure waveform via a conformal ultrasonic device (link)
  • No Change in the Recent Lunar Impact Flux Required Based on Modeling of Impact Glass Spherule Age Distributions  (link)
  • Mark Carney: The future of work (link)

tl;dr: 06-09-2018

  • Personal loan interest rates are on the rise again at Lending Club (link)
  • Personalized Gut Mucosal Colonization Resistance to Probiotics (link)
  • The Demand for English Premier League Soccer Betting (link)