Twitter Digest: 2012-12-19

  • You are lost in a maze of twisty two-factor authentications steps, all alike. Drop wand. Look. You see a wand. ->
  • Gorgeous and wonderful from NYT: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek – The New York Times /v @kathrynschulz ->
  • Bombs away, etc.: Series A crunch will kill 1,000 companies, $1B in angel money ->
  • How do I sign onto the system whereby I announce stocks in which I"m short, and it gets picked up as headline news? I want some. ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-17

  • Sad: Not Even (Many) Canadians Are Likely To Get a White Christmas This Year … ->
  • Like a SNL skit of tepid economic predictions for 2013 – ->
  • Lest anyone confused, this and this caused by accidentally turning on AM radio today briefly. ->
  • Fond of argument that incr mass violence driven by more broken homes. That is, of course, supported by UK data after WW II. Wait, it isn't. ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-16

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-14

  • His meridian is at once his darkening and the evening of his day. — Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, Chapter XI ->
  • How Linkedin and social media are messing with online job tools – Businessweek ->
  • NY Fed: To Buy or Not to Buy? The Changing Relationship between Manhattan Rents and Home Prices ->
  • Loved Jackson's LotR series, but zero interest in seeing new Hobbit movie. It's not you, Bilbo, it's me. Fine, it's you. ->
  • When You Fall Into a Black Hole, How Long Have You Got? … ->
  • The Illusion of the Perpetual Money Machine – ->
  • Dmitri Barbatov, the Godfather-loving soccer striker who "feels shooting is ugly" ->
  • The escalating costs of state and city employees, Part 4 in Bloomberg series – … ->
  • If not hoax, super: Someone sends detailed Ravenwood journal to Henry "Indiana" Jones at U Chicago – ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-13

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-12

  • Good explanation of why you should generally sell vested restricted stock units – ->
  • Super new Goldman Sachs report out on “Catastrophes and Climate”. Go trade something mispriced there & have them send you one. ->
  • Flickr Has the Opportunity to Become the Next Flickr – /v @om ->
  • The Mayan Doomsday’s effect on survival outcomes in clinical trials /cc @kathryschulz ->
  • Yeesh, got numbers wrong: Tableau raised $15, spent $1.5m, on way to $100m in revenues this year. Impressive. ->
  • S&P 500 vs tech sector price-earnings ratios 1994-2012. The premium is gone. Is it warranted? ->
  • Good Columbia roundtable — Financial Innovation: A Risky Business? – ->
  • Amusing Roger McNamee intv with @DeirdreBolton. As usual, Roger brings entertaining mix of right, wrong and batshit. ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-11

  • Bill Bernstein’s Amazon e-pamphlet — Skating to Where the Puck Was — is worth the $3.95 or whatever. Smart and deservedly skeptical. ->
  • Yosemite Sam: I paid my four bits to see the high-diving act, and I'm a-gonna see the high-diving act. ->
  • Ouch: SolarCity Lowers Share Price, Then Postpones IPO – ->
  • Perfect! RT @dinabass: And now Best Buy comes forth to announce they too will sell the Surface RT. ->
  • Given enough people in China, at least two men will be building arks against world-ending floods /v @dshen ->
  • Everyone into the equity pool. The water’s … non-toxic-ish – ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-10

  • Uber-smart investor Bill Bernstein has a new book, which he is marketing by trying to convince people not to read it ->
  • Bookstaber: The Great Migration of the 21st Century ->
  • I am reminded today of the wonders of my media blackout. Had never heard of this “Homeland” thing. ->
  • The money slide from Chien on dominant role of patent trolls as %ge of all patent suits /cc @bgurley ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-09

Twitter Digest: 2012-12-08