Twitter Digest: 2011-07-23

  • The Great Heat Wave of 1936; Hottest Summer in U.S. on Record – ->
  • Most reviewed business on Yelp: San Francisco’s Bi-Rite Creamery, with 3,882 reviews – ->
  • The HTML5 boom is coming. Fast. via @zite ->
  • By saying there will be a debt ceiling deal before Asian markets open Sunday, Congress has made brink more brink-ish. Congrats. Not easy. ->

The Downside of Deadlines

With Congress having imposed a deadline of Sunday night for a “framework” debt ceiling deal, it’s worth reminding ourselves about the downside of deadlines. [-]

The Downside of Deadlines


Deadlines are ubiquitous institutions in government decision making, constraining both agencies andcourts. Yet these institutions are almost entirely ignored in formal models in institutional political science. We analyze deadlines as exogenously imposed institutions upon a government decision maker, asa means of elected officials exercising control over the the duration of administrative decision processes. Our formal model demonstrates how deadlines are successful at lowering the time to administrative decision. Yet our analysis also illuminates the unappreciated pitfalls of deadlines, or their “downside.” The effect of deadlines on regulatory behavior is highly non-linear, making imposition of deadlines a difficult task for even highly rational agents. Further, our model predicts that deadlines will increase the variance in the review time distribution under a large set of conditions and predicts that deadlines will increase the error rate in regulatory behavior, often in an exponential fashion. Our formal analysis helps to explainan expanding set of empirical findings about the effects of deadlines and suggests some of the limits ofdeadlines as an effective tool of control over policymaking and bureaucratic decisions.

The United State of Yelp

I sort of live by Yelp, so this caught my eye.


Barron’s: Yes, It’s a Bubble

Everyone is getting on the bubble-spotting act:


McNamee Getting Anti-Social

McNamee on social network investing:

The last 500 social companies funded by the VC community are all worthless.

via Facebook Investor Roger McNamee Explains Why Social Is Over.

Twitter Digest: 2011-07-22

  • Pandora’s costs are going up and it can’t sells its ad inventory. I’m sure that will work out fine. – ->
  • Beyond heartbreaking. RT @nytjim: AP now reporting that at least 80 are dead in youth camp shooting in #Norway. ->
  • LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman: How to Benefit 100 Million People – ->

Reid Hoffman: Contrarianism, Entrepreneurship, and Benefiting 100m People

Good talk by Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn at MIT from earlier this week. Long, but lots of good stuff.


Debt Deal: On! Off! Something!

The “grand deal” on the U.S. debt ceiling is apparently off (again), and it’s all happened so fast that the Wall Street Journal is tripping over itself with contradictory headlines. Check below:


Paths to Penury: A Social Media ETF

The ETF hits just keep coming. Last week it was the leveraged Internet IPO ETF, anod it’s this. There are so many paths to penury.

Global X, the New York-based fund provider focused largely on commodity and emerging markets, filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch the first-to-market ETF focused on social media, recalling ultra-specific smart phone and cloud computing ETF strategies rolled out by First Trust.

via Global X Drafts Social Media ETF.


Dear Sun, We Surrender

Favorite heat tweet of the week:

Screen capture