Twitter Digest: 2011-08-03

  • A smartphone might involve as many as 250,000 (largely questionable) patent claims ->
  • Do I want to tag along in the Gulfstream? Well okay, maybe just this once, what with mine being at the shop getting new golden faucets. ->
  • One day soon we will look back and wander just what the hell we were thinking. Okay, now. ->
  • Healthcare job postings in U.S. hit record high. ->
  • .@ataussig Awesomely deceptive headline, indeed. in reply to ataussig ->

QotD: Credit Crunches are a Thing of the Past

Almost too good to be true, this quote from a 2004 paper by Glenn Hubbard and William Dudley:

…“credit crunches” of the sort that periodically shut off the supply of funds to home buyers, and crushed the homebuilding industry between 1966 and 1982, are a thing of the past.

via The Physics of Finance: Dudley and Hubbard: Some Greatest Hits.

Most Expensive Google Keywords

Where does google make its money

[WordStream via TechCrunch]

Changing Global IPO Share

Interesting changes in global IPO share, but this is backward looking, and going to change dramatically in current years.



Global Financial Stock Back to Pre-Crisis Levels

Global financial stock is back to pre-crisis levels, largely on the back of public debt increases, of course.


From an excellent new McKinsey report, available here.

Twitter Digest: 2011-08-02

  • I've got that whole post-laryngitis-Barry-White-voice-thing going on. If I say so much as "Hey baby" to me I follow me home. ->
  • Retry: August is one of the worst months for air travel. The others are July, Jan, Sept, April, Nov, May, March, June, Dec, Oct, and Feb. ->
  • .@Dan_Tamkin Yes. Or it was a typo. You decide :-) in reply to Dan_Tamkin ->
  • Gawker: Only 92% of Newt Gingrich's Twitter Followers Are Fake ->
  • My immune system is on its own austerity plan. ->

A Shortage of Energy vs A Longage of Expectations – Chris Martenson – Energy, Nate Hagens, Oil, Peak Oil

Good musings from Nate Hagen on energy, economics, etc.

Profile of S&P’s Lead Sovereign Guy, David Beers

You may have never heard of David Beers but every finance minister in the world knows of him. A Wall Street veteran, a graduate of London School of Economics where he has endowed a scholarship in his name, he is the global head of sovereign credit ratings for Standard & Poor’s.

It is on his say-so and the committee he oversees that financial markets have been rocked over the last 18 months. They now await his judgment upon the U.S. debt deal on which will turn borrowing costs all around the world.

via Insight: When ratings agencies judge the world | Reuters.

Ethanol vs Saudi Oil in U.S. Energy Supply

While this is far from being something to applaud in an unalloyed way, it is at least worth noticing: Ethanol has almost caught up to Saudi oil as a percentage of U.S. energy imports.


[via Bloomberg]

Mammoth Montage, 2010-2011

I miss Mammoth’s winter of 2010/2011. Make it come back.

Montage-UnReleased from sean logan on Vimeo.

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