Twitter Digest: 2013-01-25

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-24

  • Say someone suggests to you that you get a fever of 101.5 or so. Pass. ->
  • What the smart set is wearing on @bloombergtv these days ->
  • Hey, let’s spend $400 billion researching “the singularity” | Ars Technica ->
  • Bloomberg graph of how MSFT revenue estimates for current quarter came down over last few months – ->
  • I see Microsoft missed slightly on revenues tonight. I’m sure that is all part of the Master Plan. ->
  • Treatment for acute anterior cruciate ligament tear: five year outcome of randomised trial | BMJ ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-22

  • End of an Era: Intel's Desktop Motherboard Business to Ramp Down – ->
  • Interesting numbers: P2P lending is no longer just a curiosity – ->
  • The trouble with double opt-in introductions is it makes an annoying task so annoying that I almost never do it. ->
  • Awesome stuff: Lake Effect Snow Totals and Historical Perspective ->
  • Good Michael Shermer piece: The Liberals' War on Science – ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-21

  • Fun: Former Microsoft executive says CEO Ballmer culls internal rivals to retain power ->
  • Butch: What happened to the old bank? It was beautiful. Guard: People kept robbing it.
    Butch: Small price to pay for beauty. ->
  • Ferrer/Almagro at Aussie Open is alternately harrowing and hilarious. Setting records for weird as it enters 5th. ->
  • U.S. Household Deleveraging: A Smoother Ride Ahead ->
  • Daughter saw doctor today — on MLK holiday — via video call. I hate illness, but I dig the future. ->
  • Intreating argument: Is life on farms worse than death? ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-20

  • Sudden increases in system growth rates: A History Of Foom ->
  • Among parents at kids’ birthday parties, Apple’s share price is the new “What school is your kid attending next year?” Awful. ->
  • New suite of Wolfram|Alpha-Powered finance apps ->
  • Hey, live-tweeting from DLD and/or Davos without a hashtag is cheating. I can’t filter you. Stop. ->
  • Weirdly fascinating: How Good Does Karaoke Have to Be to Qualify as Art? – ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-19

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-18

  • Just convinced youngest that “Frosty the Snowman” is about a man who has a cat on his head: “That old sill cat they found”. Paul, ftw. ->
  • Updated my github regex repository with a regex to fillter public conversations (^.@\w+\s+[A-Z]) ->
  • Analysis of 2012 venture capital numbers out today has plumbed new depths of dumbth. ->
  • Made regex to filter all tweets that start with “.@” if it’s followed by space and a lowercase letter. Makes me crankily happy. ->
  • 20 C outside, and I see many houses with plumes of smoke from their chimneys. SoCal is tirelessly self-parodying. ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-17

  • I’m no Lance Armstrongfan, but reducing his remarkable success to “it was drugs” is absurd, naive and dumb. ->
  • Saturday night CBC TV ratings in Canada were off 85% (!) during the just-ended, no-hockey interregnum. Remarkable. ->
  • I had no idea: There are whales alive today off Alaska that were born before Moby Dick was written in 1851 – ->
  • Thanks! RT @Commodity_Bull: really good video with @pkedrosky on 2013 IPO predictions #TSTAlumni ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-15

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-14

  • News flash: Cold, raining and cloudy in Vancouver. Next update, 2018. ->
  • Ouch headlines. Hope? ->
  • My Edge adaptation of @GreatDismal: The past is here — it’s just evenly distributed. ->
  • Can someone please start spreading rumor that Apple is going private along with all of Nasdaq 100. Much appreciated. kthxbye ->
  • DELL buyout rumors good reminder that an overmonied PE industry still has a put option under swaths of the market. ->
  • Conducting experiment: Have had Interpol’s Obstacle 1 on loop for last 2 hours. Will report back if I commence involuntary public pogoing. ->