Focus is the New Black

I had this sent to me in email, so if anyone knows who created it so I can give proper credit, let me know.

[Update] The source is apparently this.

Focus mindmap for web

Fun with FXF

I was briefly short Swiss Francs via FXF puts back in August, so I missed today’s fun, but made a little money. Check out, however, how epic the moves are in FXF puts today. Incredible stuff on the SNB’s moves to devalue/lock the franc exchange. 1,515%. Beat that.

Fxf puts

Euro Break-Up: The Consequences

Good report.


I’m a VC

My friends at Foundry Group. Beyond words, in a hilarious, middle-aged-VCs-in-Boulder-rapping sense. This is just so good.


Twitter Digest: 2011-09-05

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Twitter Digest: 2011-09-04

Under-prediction Errors in Life Expectancy

Life exp

Shiller on the Outlook

Yale’s Robert Shiller in an interview worth listening to on the outlook.

More Density in Cities

DENSITY isn’t a magic elixir. One can’t create wealth just by crowding people together; otherwise the super-dense metropolitan areas in emerging Asian countries would be richer than American cities. Density simply facilitates interaction. Interactions translate into wealth when a population is educated and local institutions support private enterprise and entrepreneurship.

via One Path to Better Jobs – More Density in Cities –


Back from ten days of travel, including a too-short week hiking/biking in the Sierra Nevadas.
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