Twitter Digest: 2013-02-16

  • Busily exploding old balls while trying to embed 3-axis accelerometers in them? Why yes, I’m working on my son’s science project. ->
  • Taking a weekend off from skiing as experiment. Convincingly proven to me it was an even worse idea than hypothesized. ->
  • finished Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page by Brad Tolinski ->
  • How Nest’s Control Freaks Reinvented the Thermostat ->
  • QotD: Listen, you may beat me at Rock Band, but I made the original records, so shut up – ->
  • Worrisome: Groundwater depletion in the middle east – ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-02-13

Twitter Digest: 2013-02-12

  • The few, the f**ked up, the remaining global nuke testers – ->
  • As a general rule, books endorsed as “essential reading” can be left safely un-read. ->
  • Nature Reviews: Key Advances in Medicine, 2012 – ->
  • Remarkable: SoCal TV nets apparently asked to cease live broadcast of fugitive Dorner hunt because he may be watching. ->
  • Well, yes. RT @philwillon: SBSheriff asks tv helicopters to leave the area because " gunfire is being exchanged between #dorner and police ->

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Twitter Digest: 2013-02-04

  • 'Old-school' auto engines keep pace with turbocharged options: Consumer Reports ->
  • Been re-reading Douglas Adams’ classic “Last Chance to See”. Am reminded that we really got a raw deal when he died so young. ->
  • Good to see someone gaming this out: Interstellar mutually assured destruction with alien species – ->
  • First it was Carson, and now this: 20 hours of TV a week almost halves sperm count – ->
  • Because it came up tonight, a link to a favorite moment in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead – ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-02-02

  • The retreat of mortality – 20th and 21st century trends ->
  • Curse you demon spawn Excel vlookup function. ->
  • At the height of the Cold War, the "secret unlocking code" for America's nuclear missiles was 00000000 ->
  • Yesterday I was hacked by China, and today I’m a sentence-as-headline at BI. My work here is done. ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-31

  • Alpinist 41: The Cover (Back)story – ->
  • Trying to fix gas hot water heater in garage always reminds me of trying to fix tactical nuclear weapon in basement. Neither suffer fools. ->
  • Apple TV Said to Start Carrying HBO Shows Later This Year – Bloomberg ->
  • Solid offering from Bill Gross: Credit Supernova – ->
  • Weird that Apple iMac availability is getting worse, not better, as launch date recedes. Pro tip for Tim: Sell stuff you can make. ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-01-30

  • Great interview with San Diego VC Kevin Kinsella — one of the best gut investors out there — in current Forbes/Wolfe Report. ->
  • Struggling to explain to me why I don’t have one of these: The Ski Mask Shaped Like A Beard ->
  • Record January warmth and moisture fueling April-like severe weather ->
  • Depressed about Liverpool/Arsenal. A tie? Must we? Really? ->