Breathtaking video of starling murmuration.

Dream Employers

Disconcerting data on young people’s preferred employers (via WSJ):

Dream company

McNamee: Six ways to save the internet

Been out for a week, and gone most of this week as well.

Following video is worth a watch, if you can get past Roger’s hair.

Twitter Digest: 2011-11-13

  • 360 view of last night's Eagles Lite concert in Palm Desert #
  • Darwin inside the machines: Malware evolution and the consequences for computer security. #
  • 360 view of gala event in Palm Desert pre Jay Leno #
  • Need a hip trendy mixed drink suggestion. Anyone? #
  • Aaiiieee RT @Ed: @pkedrosky Sadly, there's now an app for that. #
  • Nice to see Groupon execs consistently living down to expectations. Stay classy, guys. #
  • True 'dat RT @lesamitchell: Jeff at LinkedIn total class acceptance of win at E&Y. Reid would be proud #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-11-12

  • Judging by number of Presidential Secret Servive here in Palm Desert this morning, there aren't any in rest of US today. #
  • Noonan: The Republican Unreality Show #
  • Fisker Karma is like original iPhone but with wheels: Huge I Want That-ishness. #
  • GWB in a nutshell. RT @SteveCase: "If you really believe in what you're doing, the criticism you get is meaningless" – George W Bush #
  • Real or The Onion: New Microsoft Store opening today is way more fun than the Apple Store – #
  • "[T]his may be just a truly long-winded way of saying I saw a video that made me feel old." #
  • Paul's Rule of Apps (Weak): All apps evolve until they add photo sharing / Paul's Rule of Apps (Strong): All apps become photo sharing apps. #
  • Nice and readable redesign at BMJ /via @DrVes #
  • Lunch with director Francis Ford Coppola. Such a charming guy. #
  • OH: "Did you see the protest out front?" "That lady with the dog?" "Yeah." "Huh. I thought that she was just walking her dog." #
  • QotD: If i had a nickel for every time I've been doomed by a puppet, I would have two nickels. #
  • Faultless playing from Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey of The Eagles on the lawn here in Palm Desert tonight. #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-11-11

  • Sis-boom-bah 1%, etc.: U.S. ultra wealthy will outnumber Asia rich for the next 20 years | #
  • Another day, another slide for RIMM. I'm sure it's just pining for the fjords. #
  • Remembering the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, 36 years later #TheWindInTheWiresMadeATattletaleSound #
  • Gave talk yest at @Defrag in Denver. Was nominally about pages left intentionally blank, death and FOMO. I need to choose easier topics. #
  • Yikes RT @JustinNOAA: Storm surges in Alaska include 10 feet in Nome #
  • .@EddieBraverman Love Lightfoot. And Stomping Tom Connors, of course. #
  • Right. I did start my @Defrag presentation by playing Zork live. RT @arbesman: @pkedrosky Don't forget the Zork prelude #
  • New data on the dual-track startup funding market: Seed up; Series A down #
  • NYT: Room 77, a New Way to Search for Hotel Rates #
  • It pleases me that until today I had no idea who Joe Paterno was, and now I don't need to know forever. #
  • .@dschatsky Yes, it was on the blaring TV in the gym here in Palm Desert today. Tragically unavoidable. #
  • Guy that I just told where your left-behind laptop is? The words you're looking for are "Thank you". Yeesh. #
  • Assuming there isn't one already, can we start a Slate Deathwatch? I'm taking July 2012. #
  • Caught myself again today about to press a finger against a paper page to get a definition. #Kindled #
  • According to Data Explorers, Groupon's entire float has been sold short – #
  • That Groupon short-selling data is a reminder that a GRPN put selling strategy looks interesting once options start trading. #
  • Ninety-Foot Waves along Portugal Coast /cc @briannorgard #
  • Top job trends, Q2/2010-Q2/2011. Mobile, mobile, mobile. #
  • Climate change and climate variability: The new climate dice – /via @Revkin #
  • Possibly the best app update notes ever – /@sferik via @herf #
  • Gala dinner in Palm Desert on runway at the Air Museum. Surrounded by WWII fighter jets Total coolness. #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-11-10

  • Stypi is sort of interesting-ish – #
  • Rare, epic-magnitude storm blasts northwestern Alaska – #
  • Shocker … Reuters: French, Germans explore idea of core euro zone – #
  • More good analysis & data on the "Bering superstorm" – /via @sawickipedia #
  • "Explosive deepeners", "meteorological bombs", "stronger than Perfect Storm": I love meteorological enthusiasm. #
  • Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect – #
  • Just thought time was going backwards, but realized it was battery indicator not clock. Whew. – #
  • Groupon second-best performing of all the bad performing Class of 2011 IPOs today. That's just wrong. – #
  • As my friend @GregorMacdonald says, we have ringside seats to history right now. #
  • Capital markets again feel like Galloping Gertie at resonant frequency: a system in crisis. #
  • Dear fellow airline boarders: No, we don't all get there at the same time. Stop saying it and pissing me off. #
  • Think Jason Bourne is on this flight. Just watched guy pull out six passports and around $10,000. Multiple currencies. #
  • Mind you, this Jason Bourne guy looks too much like @davidhornik for anyone to take him seriously as a spy. #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-11-09

  • The negative unnatural rate of interest #
  • El Hierro Still Churning the Sea #
  • Kelly Slater Wins 11th World Surfing Title… For Second Time #
  • Alaska faces one of its worst storms ever, forecasters say #
  • Apple Store review (Yelping with Cormac McCarthy) #
  • Eno/Hillis: Technology is the name we give to things that don’t work yet. #
  • Michael Lewis: Danny Kahneman — The King of Human Error #
  • Zuckerberg saying he would have attended Harvard classes. Silly. I skipped classes until 3rd year. Had people ask me if I was new entrant. #
  • Would really like BBY and SNE to have an up day so I can short more. Pesky downdraft. #
  • The case for emerging market entrepreneurship – #
  • Nutritionists and doctors giving up on the whole "first world weight loss" thing – #
  • From the "up is down" file: The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen – #
  • If only a survey on when the last time you saw a useful survey wasn't self-refuting, I would be surveying that right now. #
  • Looks really cold in Denver tomorrow. Contemplating feigning illness. #
  • Anyone using @getspool in lieu of instapaper/readitlater? Thoughts on it? #
  • Feeling irresistible urge to write all-caps breaking news headline. #
  • Super meta-answer to "Why is U2 so popular?" – /via @mathewi #
  • Having one of those fortnights where keyboards seem societally sanctioned torture. Why must I move my fingers this way. #
  • Congrats to Launchpad LA. Glad to be assisting. /cc @msuster #
  • "Occupy First Chair" /via @reckert #
  • Movie night in Palm Desert #
  • Me doing onstage Q&A tonight with Sequoia founder Don Valentine – /via @hessepartners #

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Why is U2 so popular?

First answer to “Why is U2 so popular” is painfully super. Read the whole thing, but here is an excerpt:

Then you learn that U2 is coming to town—U2!  Earnest, melodic, Oprah-endorsed U2! $200 a ticket? No problem. You get a sitter. Your wife is excited—this is going to be great! You invite some friends from college to join you.

On the way, you listen to the “early stuff.” The Joshua Tree pumps through the speakers of your Lexus SUV (no judgment—you have two kids!). The harmonies soothe. The lyrics are straightforward. You recall a simpler time before car seats and prostate exams. The nostalgia is so thick you have to wipe it from your face. You haven’t looked at your phone in nearly 11 minutes.

You arrive at the show and see yourself everywhere. Tasteful North Face and Patagonia jackets abound. The stands are awash in earth tones. No one is shoving. No one has a nose ring. These are your people.You arrive at the show and see yourself everywhere. Tasteful North Face and Patagonia jackets abound. The stands are awash in earth tones. No one is shoving. No one has a nose ring. These are your people.

via Why is U2 so popular? – Quora.


Twitter Digest: 2011-11-08

  • Word of the day: "ring rage", that feeling you get when your phone rings from someone actually calling you. #
  • What Stewart Brand Is Reading and Watching – #
  • Lengthy Paris Review interview of author William Gibson (@greatdismal) – #
  • "… economics becomes more discursively powerful the greater its incapacity to inform us on … existing capitalism." #
  • i dread the thought of reading Gladwell's piece on Steve Jobs in NY-er. The former's compulsive contrarianism exhausts me. #
  • Papers from the near future: On the irresistibility of used bubble wrap #
  • Love my youngest's mondegreen for "contact lenses" — he calls them "constant glasses". #
  • Note to Malcolm Gladwell: Great tweaking _is_ invention (cf., William Shawn) #
  • I know zero about football, but this is interesting: The Footage the NFL Won't Show You #
  • Incredible. RT @izakaminska: Amazing colour photos of Warsaw from 1947 (showing war damage) #
  • Does Moore's Law apply to solar cells? – /via @nytimeskrugman #
  • From opening tick today to current price, Groupon has tumbled almost 10%. #
  • Echoing @TimHarford, nice to see Freakonomics getting abused for increasingly dumb arguments. #
  • While I hate patent trolls too, a Google lawyer whinging about mobile IP theft rankles – #
  • Technology Is Finally Affecting Furniture Design – #
  • Recreationally checked availability on a GRPN short today. Nope. #
  • The US smartphone landscape #
  • Pettis: Germany, not China, must bail out Europe – #
  • Ultra distance trail-running is so taxing many competitors skip events. Meet its top athlete. #
  • Hey, back off Argentina. We're busy right right now with Italy. #
  • Tracking the skyrocketing post-flood prices of hard-disk drives – #
  • Russia warns against Israeli air strike on Iran – #
  • Worst airports in North America in October 2011, by on-time performance – /via @flightstats #
  • Anyone ever done the Cactus to Cloud hike up Mt San Jacinto? Unreasonable to solo it in 3-4 hours? #
  • Tip to hotel owners w/wide: Never make your hotel name sound like Don Pardo. #
  • What a day: Paul Krugman warns of alien invasion (, & White House says we're okay ( #
  • Missed this: California turfs senior oil permitting official – #
  • In other news, Hummer to roll out bigger SUV. RT @BloombergNews: EU to roll out bigger rescue fund | #
  • Video: Stormchaser's car flips during tornado today near Tipton, OK #
  • Taleb in NYT: End Bonuses for Bankers – /via @MarkThoma #

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