Twitter Digest: 2011-12-02

  • Congrats @SteveCase –> Leonsis, Case found $450 million fund to aid Washington area start-up firms – #
  • Algorithmic detection of prospective red-light runners in traffic – #
  • Fukushima crisis fueling the third opening of Japan – #
  • Evans-Pritchard: Fed saves Europe's banks as ECB stands pat – #
  • Nick Hanauer (a VC): Let's give a tax break to the true job creators: consumers, not the wealthy. #
  • "In his hand he carried an ancient and trusty weapon, called by the elves a Browning semi-automatic." – Bored of the Rings #
  • Hey, I'm an animated movie on startup money. More than usual, I mean. #
  • The anti-Yelp clause: Unhappy Patient Sues When Dentist Seeks to Enforce Contract Banning Bad Reviews #
  • How to Pay for What We Need: Let Congress print money. Hmmm. #
  • Whatever my Macbook power cord does during the night, I want some of that hot, knotting action. #
  • Pick me. MT @crampell: The IRS can't find 99,000 people who are owed $153.3 million in tax refunds #
  • My son has same obsession with keeping objects parallel that I do. Oh-oh. #
  • Whoa RT @sciam: Fukushima Earthquake Moved Seafloor Half a Football Field #
  • Wind speeds down to a mere 60 mi/h on top of Mammoth Mtn CA. Picnic time. #
  • Why energy journalism is so bad, by @nelderini #
  • Eric Janszen: The end of engineered stagflation – #
  • History of the expression "bought the farm" – #
  • Was just emailing @ritholtz & realized I now have seven emails for him. It's like he's on witness protection from witness protection. #
  • Hey, I'm at almost 200,000 of you lovely mix of humans, twitter bots and service providers. At 200k I start selling Dysons. Just fyi. #
  • Bloomberg launching some interesting new blogs, including this one on econ history. Bafflingly, no RSS feed, sadly. #
  • I never could get the hang of Thursdays… Soros: World Financial System on Brink of Collapse #
  • QotD: "Recent polls indicate that atheists are among the least liked people in areas with religious majorities (i.e., in most of the world)" #
  • Source for prior quote: Do you believe in atheists? Distrust is central to anti-atheist prejudice. #
  • Reading & enjoying @johngapper's smart "How to be a Rogue Trader" ebook. Recommended. #
  • LazyTwitter: What is the Yelp for evaluating random e-commerce sites? Is there one? #
  • On my Yelp for e-commerce questions, have had mentions of Bizrate (ugh) and StellaService. #
  • Reading books in PDF on an iPad in iBooks can simultaneously make you hate iPads, PDFs, iBooks and books. A quadfecta! #
  • Remarkable: Peter Thiel's Founders Fund Raises $625 Million – #
  • James Niehues, the man who paints ski resort maps – /cc @sacca #
  • Love this: GoPro HD footage on surfer Sunny Garcia's board during Sunset Beach event – /cc @BrianNorgard #
  • Nome AK gas prices may touch $9/gallon as iced-in city runs low on fuel – #
  • "England, a nation of about 5m people in 1650, was in many ways becoming the most disruptive power in the Atlantic world — a rogue state." #
  • Weirdly stupid and self-refuting supposed insider analysis of Wall Street – #
  • Peak stuff – /via @Revkin #
  • Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean RT @timprewitt: Nice quote on rogue England @pkedrosky – where can I read more? #
  • The financial system is no better at getting money from savers to borrowers than it was in 1910. /cc @infoarbitrage #

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Income Tax Evasion Dynamics

I have no idea what this paper is about — the jargon is particularly opaque — but any paper that works in income tax evasion and ferromagnetism is, by definition, worth noting.

Income Tax Evasion Dynamics: Evidence from an Agent-based Econophysics Model

We analyze income tax evasion dynamics in a standard model of statistical mechanics, the Ising model of ferromagnetism. However, in contrast to previous research, we use an inhomogeneous multi-dimensional Ising model where the local degrees of freedom (agents) are subject to a specific social temperature and coupled to external fields which govern their social behavior. This new modeling frame allows for analyzing large societies of four different and interacting agent types. As a second novelty, our model may reproduce results from agent-based models that incorporate standard Allingham and Sandmo tax evasion features as well as results from existing two-dimensional Ising based tax evasion models. We then use our model for analyzing income tax evasion dynamics under different enforcement scenarios and point to some policy implications.

via [1112.0233] Income Tax Evasion Dynamics: Evidence from an Agent-based Econophysics Model.

Me Being Animated: Money and Markets

So, this was fun: I talked about funding young companies, and about sources of risk capital, and it got turned into an animation. It’s not Bugs Bunny, but it’s as close as I’ll get.

England as Rogue State

“England, a nation of about 5 million people in 1650, was in many ways becoming the most disruptive power in the Atlantic world — a rogue state.”

From: Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914

Sunny Garcia in GoPro HD

Love this: GoPro HD from Sunny Garcia’s board during recent Sunset Beach event in 10-12 foot waves.

Twitter Digest: 2011-12-01

  • Suggestion: Facebook should cut float to 10 shares and price at Exxon's market cap of 381b. Go big or go home. #
  • Yes! RT @nickbilton: @pkedrosky I dunno, that sounds a bit low. Cut to 5, or less, and price at combined market cap of Exxon & Apple: $750b! #
  • Apple analyst Munster gives his latest (detailed) take on an Apple TV launch in 2012 – #
  • Good piece on the latest in procrastinator-friendly hotel res tools, incl @hoteltonight and @room_77 #
  • If this summer's Hurricane Irene's winds had been 5 mi/h stronger it would have flooded NYC's subways – #
  • Surprising how hard it remains to get a (cheap) borrow of LNKD shares. Anyone have nefarious theories? #
  • Growth in Canadian population from 2000-2011: 11%; Growth in govt employees over same period: 33%. #
  • Fascinating: Why 170 year old daguerreotypes contain more detail than your digital camera images – /cc @nickbilton #
  • QotD: [DRAMs use] state-of-the-art … technology, yet the finished products are sold for half the price of a rice ball #
  • Elizabeth Kolbert on fracking: Americans have never met a hydrocarbon they didn’t like – #
  • Am in Vail early next week, and looking like I may get a foot or so of snow as welcome. Thanks weather people. #
  • RT @arbesman: This looks amazing RT @pjlamberson: Free online complex systems course by Scott Page! #
  • Apple/Amazon/Google PE ratios over recent history. Interesting divergence. #
  • Kotlikoff: The Cure for an Uncoordinated Economy – #
  • I like how the Yahoo story is getting progressively more complicated today. Soon we'll have Yahoo bidding for itself, with Yahoo as partner. #
  • Just another day at the S&P 500 party: 491 stocks up, 9 stocks down, with Netflix leading the laggards. #
  • Yes! RT @dannysullivan: @pkedrosky groupon really needs to run an offer where if you buy yahoo, you get aol for free #
  • For M&A tax Yahoo geeks only, but … Yahoo: tax quandary muddies bids – #
  • Congrats to my movie-loving La Jolla friends at @Nettle on the MovieGoer app launch for iPhone – #
  • Goolsbee: If we had to have votes in Texas about helping Nevada, they would be pissed. – #
  • Fingeeks: Instead of me having to regularly mess with put-call parity dreck, does anyone know of a source for short equity carry costs? #
  • At least it wasn't "Man Bites Dog". RT @Drudge_Report: DOG SHOOTS MAN… #
  • It's hugely old school, I know, but I have and like my new Amazon Kindle Touch. #
  • This paper has makings of a horror movie: Microbial Biogeography of Public Restroom Surfaces #
  • Graphic: Public restroom germs have social networks too. #
  • Doing math on competing (alleged) Yahoo offers, Marc Andreessen on YHOO board is apparently worth $162m to the (lower) SLP bid. #
  • Evernote's "Clearly" extension for Google Chome is super. Recommended. #
  • Congrats David. RT @YAN0: My Interactive,, won the @EditorPublisher Eppy award for Best News or Event Feature. Hooray! #
  • Geez, if reporting/history says there's a tech incubator glut, say there is one. "Some fear"? Yeesh. #
  • Fun at LAX … RT @CBSLA: BREAKING: Power outage at LAX, planes being held for wind debris on runways, winds gusting at 47 mph #
  • Current live wind speeds on top of Mammoth Mountain CA are touching 100 mi/h. Fun. #
  • Kyle Bass's latest on the euro zone problems – /via @zerohedge #

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The Information Diet

Restroom Social Networks

Germs have social networks, at least in public restrooms (via PLoS):


Apple/Google/Amazon P/E Over Time

Was looking at this historical graph of technology price/earnings ratios over time for a talk I’m putting together, so I thought I’d share. Interesting to see Apple and Google moving valuations more or less together, and Amazon off in the stratosphere.

Apple PE Ratio Chart

Apple PE Ratio Chart by YCharts

JP Auclair Street Segment

Simply incredible stuff.