Famous Lost Things

With Jon Corzine unable to find the MF Global money, I’m thinking the following list of famous lost things should be revised:

  1. The Holy Grail
  2. Genghis Khan’s Tomb
  3. The San Jose galleon
  4. Tomb of Nefertiti
  5. Battle of Anghiari (lost da Vinci painting)
  6. The Amber Room
  7. MF Global customer money

Corzine: Words, Words, Words

Word cloud of Jon Corzine’s endless statement today about the MF Global debacle:


Krugman, Nocera, and Reinhart

Good video:

Watch live streaming video from nytimesopinion at livestream.com

Twitter Digest: 2011-12-07

  • Big plane in high wind doing crosswind landing recently in Calgary. Impressive. http://t.co/yxgemL5f #
  • "Let's go downtown and talk to the modern kids / they will eat right out of your hand" #
  • I so rarely drive anywhere, let alone during morning rush hour, that I find the experience bizarre, like mechanized performance art. #
  • Me-thinks @tylercowen (Great Stagnation) & @atabarrok (Innovation Boom) need to get a seminar room & work things out. http://t.co/H21lFSTD #
  • I have been ruined by SoCal: Snowy landscapes go from lovely to monochromatic in ~2 days. Must I hand back my Canadian passport? #
  • Thanks Andy. MT @AndySack: great, simple explanation of startup fundraising from @pkedrosky http://t.co/aFjCVel1 #
  • Is every human seated within a 2m radius of me today conspiring to piss me off? Every time I think I can't hate travel more, I do. #
  • I need to quote me in third-person more often. "Cautiously pessimistic Kedrosky loathes all airlines" /cc @ritholtz #
  • That I recently had to explain Greek sovereign CDS to someone from UBS can't be a good thing. #
  • New evidence of Native Americans' population bottleneck at European contact: 50% contraction – http://t.co/0zqlsrm6 #
  • New Scientist: Earth's wild historical ride through the galaxy – http://t.co/pksgNjiD #
  • Okay, says Kedrosky RT @ritholtz: @pkedrosky Hey, it was the headline at Forbes — i just retweeted it! said an irked Ritholtz to Kedrosky #
  • #NowPlaying Stereogum Top Albums of 2011 on @Spotify
    http://t.co/IgSYc4Kw #
  • Moments ago on my Delta flight: Apparently Santa now flies sans-reindeer commercial – http://t.co/mY6vN3q2 #
  • Santa-austerity RT @richriker: @pkedrosky looks like he had to slim down to avoid the extra seat fee for overweight people also #
  • Otherworldly super Jackson Hole skiing in this highlight reel from Andrew Whiteford – http://t.co/PcmwWPvZ #
  • Today in Wikipedia genetics: "This article is about the forms of a gene. For the alternative metal band, see Allele (band)." #
  • Dear @GoogleMaps: Isn't New York in rain at 5:30pm bad enough? Do you really have to make your first choice route in from JFK an absurdity? #
  • Damn you iPhone autocorrect! RT @acotgreave: @pkedrosky nice platypus. i shall enjoy later. #
  • QotD: “We can’t Facebook our way out of the current economic status quo.” – Neal Stephenson http://t.co/gIz019q5 /via @edward_tenner #
  • Weird how many people I run into that consume twitter via Flipboard. Is this a skewed sample, or widespread? #
  • .@jameskwantes I use Echofon across Mac/iPhone/iPad. #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-12-06

  • I miss the old, skeptical @herbgreenberg. Microsoft as disrupter? Please. http://t.co/9qEIu2q8 #
  • Just got two all-caps emails from @herbgreenberg. Now feel I need to lie down for a while. #
  • Strange Bloomberg Headlines: Lap Dances Find Academic Champion as Cities Clamp Down – http://t.co/aesKyf7j #
  • Sunny Vail CO http://t.co/fy36iJK4 #
  • If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have in your hands is a non-working cat – Douglas Adams #
  • Despite only so-so early winter, found powder caches all over Vail today. Loveliness. #
  • Note to self: Never again engage in high-velocity action sports while listening to Pendulum's The Tempest. Crashes happen. #
  • Latest Panjiva trade data is out, showing US guided missile exports are down. Peace sucks. http://t.co/nVxpo895 #
  • Photo Set — Fukushima: Inside the Exclusion Zone – http://t.co/Umbciny9 #
  • I bet he's here to help: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future – http://t.co/DlsWuZQx #
  • Strange Bloomberg Headlines: Eight Ferraris Crash at ‘Gathering of Narcissists’ http://t.co/Ivrjtxzn #
  • More analysis of last week's major wind event in SoCal: Wind Gust Record in California http://t.co/HWrKC2Zk #
  • War Reparations and the Great Depression – http://t.co/DRuH8uoe #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-12-05

  • RT @jyarmis: 15 years ago today, Alan #Greenspan coined the term #IrrationalExuberance http://t.co/05dCDRoi (cc @pkedrosky) #
  • RT @briantimoney: Poignant and tragic look at life & death of Derek Boogaard and the culture of Hockey Enforcer http://t.co/XdASsDod #
  • MT @Real_interloper Grantland interview with former hockey enforcer, now lawyer, Stu "Grim Reaper" Grimson. Disturbing. http://t.co/b94oDokF #
  • FT: New York, Monaco, London, Hong Kong, Rio & Vancouver still chased by high-end real estate buyers http://t.co/FZmWLYFR #
  • Why is there not an after-market aux jack in-car AirPlay audio dooflingie? /cc @fredwilson #
  • Wall Street's competency is separating fools from money: Inidividuals' currency trading quadruples — most lose money http://t.co/bUwFwUct #
  • Why am I going somewhere with a windchill of -25 F? Did I agree to this? #
  • At San Diego airport for second time today. Keep reminding myself that I'm on way to Necker Island, which isn't working, insofar as I'm not. #
  • Btw, iPhone just tried to autocorrect "second time" to "sexy clinic". Where do I sign? #
  • What ever happened to "verse/chorus/verse"? When did it become "thing/dissonant thing/thing"? #
  • If you need to find people who talk to "Kenny", describe options as "stock pinch" and leave long voicemails, come to United biz class. #
  • I'll give DIA airport this: the dozens of blinking snowplows arrayed like a horizontal Christmas tree are pretty. #
  • It is 2011 and I just discovered I like me some LCD Soundsystem. I really to get out more. #
  • Idyllic DIA under snow http://t.co/mdaMDZHt #
  • Today in Donald Barthelme: Overnight to many distant cities http://t.co/H0wjfRdf #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-12-04

  • Cute Reuters interviews: Old media executives too busy, private for Twitter – http://t.co/tKgEFXxz /via @hblodget #
  • David Gelernter interview on lifestreams – http://t.co/Id2n1pR0 #
  • Unsettling new paper: Observed decreases in oxygen content of the global ocean http://t.co/9dLybVv8 #
  • Teasing Herb should be London 2012 event. RT @SullyCNBC: Just picked up two gift books for @herbgreenberg http://t.co/SoOIX0VW #
  • Bearish Barron's piece on Shutter fly depressed me. Reminder that I looked at it as short 3 times this year. Argh. http://t.co/RTeOLVyG #
  • Fine, it's seemingly everywhere today, so let's just get it over with & make this CAPS LOCK SATURDAY. #
  • U.S. medical school applications reach all-time high http://t.co/HkksWzZQ /via @DrVes #
  • Apropos the recent furor over JP Auclair's urban ski video, sobering news: the first urban ski death – http://t.co/dtoWaYAi #
  • Beyond hilarious: The 25 Funniest Autocorrects Of DYAC’s First Year – http://t.co/DOs7SCNL /via @kevinkrim #
  • Came into home office today to see offspring had enacted hook-and-ladder Matchbox rescue across my flat panel. Serious stuff. #

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Twitter Digest: 2011-12-03

  • I love all you value-trapped, reversal-chasing RIMM bulls. Keep coming back, you hear? http://t.co/94wA9j1w #
  • Guelph, Ontario business professor accidentally named Italian minister of agriculture. Merriment ensues. http://t.co/sr2oMGc5 #
  • My friend @herbgreenberg's predictions for 2012. I hate to say it, but Herb is a star on retail, & should be read. http://t.co/SefmdoY5 #
  • Strange Bloomberg Headlines: Gingrich Said Freddie Mac Could Be Good Model for Mars Travel http://t.co/24rf2Ylh #
  • NOAA's 2011 Arctic report card is out. It's not a passing grade. http://t.co/zA9Q7LoP #
  • Retry: Super TED talk on regret by @kathrynschulz named one of TED's Best of 2011 – http://t.co/3SqoTAOr #
  • . @BBatchman Fixed. See followup tweet, or this http://t.co/3SqoTAOr #
  • I'm thinking I want to be accidentally named Italian minister of something or another. Can one of you fine people arrange that? #
  • Ouch. RT @ritholtz: The Big Lie on CNBC Squawkbox http://t.co/1RMokjPy $$ #
  • Bloomberg says average RIMM price target is $25, a 47% gain from current levels, and yet there are only 9 buys. Gosh. #
  • Tracking the SoCal wind storm. Crazy graph. http://t.co/55yKm8BT #
  • The thing I like about the US IPO crisis is how insidious it is, what with it looking more like a bubble than a crisis. #
  • My backcountry running room with a view http://t.co/gWs8pyaN #
  • THis would have been a much better 360 from my run today if I would have remembered to clean sweat off lens – http://t.co/gWs8pyaN #
  • What did you learn this week? I"ll start. It's not the years or the mileage — it's both. #
  • Good learning! RT @adrianbye: @pkedrosky you are the king of twitter #
  • I have this friend who, for convenience, I'll call @bfeld. He posts sleep data to @runkeeper, like 9.8 h a night. I have huge sleep envy. #
  • More good learning. RT @christinelu: @pkedrosky I learned that ice cream melts in the freezer about 15 hours into a blackout. •_• #
  • Most elaborate ever California/Mexico drug tunnel found, complete with electric rail, elevator, etc. http://t.co/W0zPtmxx #
  • Pictures: World's 7 Most Extreme Airports http://t.co/coCynZI8 #
  • Bloomberg study comparing "top toy" prices at Wal-mart vs Amazon. Upshot: The two are spookily evenly matched. http://t.co/38WbFehb #
  • More Kyle Bass-ishness. Soon this will be a 24h live channel. http://t.co/ePlLhnhk /via @StockJockey #
  • Greg Long on the upper limits of big wave surfing – http://t.co/cJdEuEbE /cc @briannorgard #

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Two Share Graphs: Household Assets and Wages

Two quick “share” graphs that tell useful stories, both from Goldman Sachs.

The first is changing share of US household financial assets over time. Fairly remarkable shifts.


The second is the changing share of US GDP when looked at through wages or corporate profits. Quite the divergence.


Come Undone: Kyle Bass

Yet more Kyle Bass-ishness.