Twitter Digest: 2011-12-16

  • Google Zeitgeist 2011: How the world searched – #
  • How US steers oil suppliers away from democracy. Wait, I may have that backward. /via @nouriel #
  • Happy New Year 1998 to S&P! RT @BloombergNews: France braces for cut in AAA debt rating – #
  • Right. Lucky Canada! RT @HighlySalassee: @pkedrosky so supplying oil to the USA has increased Canada's democracy score? #
  • Dear Facades: Cease glittering. My read of journalism is that your problems always start there. Helpfully, P. #
  • JPM: Top 25 online retail sites represented 70% of total eCommerce sales in November, up from 67% share last year. #
  • Legal Language Explorer: Like Google Ngram meets US Supreme Court. Fascinating. /by @computational #
  • Copyright as the new patents: LLE look at copyright vs patents in US Supreme Court – #
  • Word of day: "Banker's dozen", where customer receives 11 of the product for the price of 12 – /cc @ritholtz #
  • So, having seen, like, three hours of TV in 2011, I somehow saw one of GQ's best episodes of year: GoT S1E6 – #
  • Great new SNL skit mocking Rick Perry's pious pandering on religion. Wonder who that guy is playing Perry. #
  • In RIM’s Waterloo, the stakes ‘have never been higher’ – #
  • Reading John Jeremiah Sullivan’s “Pulphead” – #
  • Congrats to my friends at @liftopia for launching their ski conditions/deals app. Nice. Now, snow please. #
  • Hugely amusing that Zynga just updated its IPO filing to say that its CEO Mark Pincus has been called "fearsome". #
  • Comparing the pre/post "fearsome" Zynga IPO filings with track changes on. Just 'cause it amused me. #
  • Apparently @runkeeper thinks my trail running is like punctuated teleportation. Or there are GPS issues. Either one. #
  • Shaking head at RIMM's results tonight. How can one company so consistently under-deliver on bad expectations. It isn't easy. #
  • I just mixed up Blofeld and Goldfinger. There goes my Bond baddie secret spy decoder ring and lapel button. #
  • Anyone know whether Zynga has IPO plans? Just heard of them and they sound hot, somethig to do with cellular phones. #
  • The sudden media we-knew-it-all-along-ishness about RIMM is annoying. No, you didn't. You only got smart when it was obvious. #
  • Timely call. RT @arrington: @pkedrosky by the way, i remember how much this pissed everyone off back in 2008. #
  • Fun Bloomberg graph showing how RIMM analyst ratings have trailed after its share price all year. #
  • I blow my nose at you, so-called "Arthur King": French central banker says UK should be downgraded first #
  • Reality gets better and better: Pair of Robbers Want Only iPhones, No BlackBerries – #
  • Remarkable reading: A Minute By Minute Breakdown of MF Global's Last Week On Earth – #
  • The six stages of screwed products: Stage 1 – Stuff you can sell at a premium #
  • Stage 2: Stuff you can only sell at market prices #
  • Stage 3: Stuff you can only sell at a discount #
  • Stage 4: Stuff you have to give away #
  • Stage 5: Stuff you can't give away. #
  • Stage 6: Stuff people won't steal. #
  • Rick Perry tonight likely meant an overfly zone over Solyndra, not Syria. Easy mistake to make. #
  • November 2011 US precipitation anomaly map. Most of West's mountains running <50% of normal – #

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Hitchens: 1949-2011

Terrible news, truly, and not made an iota better by being less than unexpected.


Three Nutty Things Worth Reading, Plus the RIMM Product Pecking Order

  • The MF Global Black Box: A Minute By Minute Breakdown Of The Doomed Broker’s Last Week On Earth (Source)
  • Pair of Robbers Want Only iPhones, No BlackBerries  (Source)
  • French banker says UK should be downgraded first (Source)

On that second-last RIMM story (full disclosure, I’ve been short all year), here is the precedence of failing products:

  1. Stuff you can sell at a premium
  2. Stuff you only sell at market prices
  3. Stuff you can only sell at a discount
  4. Stuff you have to give away
  5. Stuff you can’t give away
  6. Stuff people won’t steal

Somehow, and this is sort of unprecedented, RIMM has reached Stage 6 of product. That’s almost unprecedented.

Following the Bouncing RIMM Analysts

Somehow RIMM managed to disappoint analysts again tonight — not an easy task — so I thought it would be good to look at what the analysts had been saying this year. Turns out they’re dutifully tracking the stock downward. Can we cut some analysts’ pay now?


Twitter Digest: 2011-12-15

  • When most people call a learning curve steep they mean it's shallow. Why is that metaphor so mixed up? #
  • My issue with the otherwise v good Tweetbot is the orifice-centric icon. Gives me the willies. #
  • .@Ian_Wilson_ My sense with learning curves is people are tacitly mixing physical and mathematical models. #
  • The Worst Hockey Game Ever #
  • Fun meetings/drinks/etc yest in San Francisco. Good seeing @dickc, @nickbilton, @medriscoll, @dens, @chrisfralic, etc. #
  • Mirror-world fun how the rise of digital, HD, etc. has created booming business in scratch, glitch, hair insertion filters for video. #
  • La Jolla has more hairstyling &/or plastic surgery startups/yr than any place on earth. #
  • I'm in. RT @EvolveTom: @pkedrosky I demand the ability to crowdsource funding for my next nose job. #
  • Note to reporters: Calling for comments & ignoring me saying that your story is wrong isn't reporting. It's short-story writing. #
  • Trying to close two investments in last week before Christmas was always going to be a bad idea that made me realy grouchy. #
  • .@daytrend I'll name names if article comes out as framed to me. #
  • So there I was, last Monday, thinking … If only FIO were a little cheaper, I'd buy some. I have power. #
  • Butch Cassidy: [to Sundance] Kid, the next time I say, "Let's go someplace like Bolivia," let's GO someplace like Bolivia. #
  • QotD: Amazon is blithely using its rivals’ property as a storefront – /by @johngapper #
  • The fall of Microsoft's Andy Lees: inside the Windows Phone power shift /via @paidContent #
  • By my calculations semicolons are going to take out colons sometime in 2012. Death to colons. – #
  • What is going on over at Google+ that I'm newly adding 6,000-16,000 followers a day? #
  • + RT @sorenmacbeth: @pkedrosky So your saying you're nonplussed about the goings on at google plus? #
  • Good follow-up. RT @Revkin: Methane Time Bomb in Arctic Seas? Apocalypse Not: #
  • So, you're thinking to yourself, "Self, I want to see what it's like to do a 90-foot drop on a kayak". #
  • Back off Kyle Bass & you financial weenies: GnR's Duff McKagan's in the BBC Hardtalk house – /via @joehas #
  • Dear spammers at Smith Publicity: You keep using that word "Unsubscribe". I don't think it means what you think it means. #
  • "Listen we'd love to stand around and chat, but we gotta sit down in the lobby and wait for the limo". #
  • Das: School for economists – #
  • .@cameronherald at TEDx: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs – #
  • Snow drought in west; balmy east – RT @aeroculus: Warm temps in Northeast thwart resorts' snowmaking: #
  • Latest investment round values online survey co @SurveyMonkey at $1b – /via @jason #
  • Shafer: Are you reading the best magazine in America? #
  • Simply sublime GoPro HD footage shooting Pipeline barrels. Full-screen bliss, baby. #
  • I can now die happy. RT @errolmorris: Thank you, Elizabeth McCracken and Paul Kedrosky. (Isn't Twitter wonderful?) #
  • Evidence of market manipulation in the financial crisis #
  • .@georgevhulme I know. I was as taken aback as you were. I mean, it's enough we had a crisis — but market manipulation too :-( #
  • I need to start posting more often with whatever the emoticon is for irony. #
  • Apple and Google mobile grew in 2011, all others shrank – #

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Yeah, It’s a Banker’s Dozen



/via UD

Copyright vs Patents Over Time in Supreme Court Decisions

Copyright vs patents over time in US Supreme Court decisions:


/via LLE

Google Zeitgeist 2011

Excellent news in the Google Zeitgeist 2011 wrapup of what people searched for (i.e. cared about) in 2011: I knew even less than usual about what the hell these things were.


GoPro HD: Shotgun Barrels at Pipeline

Take in in HD and blow it to full-screen: Simply sublime Go Pro HD footage of shooting barrels at Pipeline. Incredible stuff.

Twitter Digest: 2011-12-14

  • G&M: Dennis Gartman out of gold, proclaims ‘death of a bull’: #
  • Since touching $15.20 on Nov 28, GRPN has run like scared couponing cat, now up 56%. #
  • Spoke to White House official about this last week, & passing it along: Entrepreneurs in Residence at USCIS. Neat idea. #
  • More background on White House immigration entrepreneurs program – #
  • Today in crappy forecasters: JPM chart of sell-side firms whose S&P forecasts were off >10% – #
  • Exactly. RT @KeithMcCullough: @pkedrosky horrendous – basically if the mkt is down on the yr, most of them get it wrong #
  • I haven't been offered a Free iPad yet today on Twitter. Can someone please fix that. #
  • NSFW-ish, but I'm fascinated by the ongoing fascination with pubic hair's disappearance – #
  • While NTSB is banning cell phones in cars, I would get right on banning kids in cars. Incredible nuisance. Pretty vistas too. #
  • Kyle Bass doing his patiently Euro-apocalyptic thing on BNN today – #
  • Freakonomics: The statistics of what went wrong – #
  • SoCal real estate prices still falling merrily, on increasing volume – #
  • Highly liberating. RT @rwrodgers: @pkedrosky I find it odd that Fed rate decisions now make me yawn. #
  • Just reminded what a distraction I find bad drivers. Along with cell phones, kids & pretty vistas, can the NTSB ban those too? #
  • My Google Sync on iPhone @Gmail is newly throwing a "Password Incorrect" error. Given that nothing has changed, wtf do i do? Any Google-ers? #
  • Yes, I do. RT @rklau: @pkedrosky Do you have 2factor authentication enabled for that account? #
  • NYT: Shunning Facebook, and Living to Tell About It – #
  • Today in tail risks: Iran army declines comment on military exercises in Strait of Hormuz – #
  • Okay, this out-of-blue @gmail sync password error is making me barking mad. Seems many people have same issue. Google? @mattcutts ? Anyone? #
  • Alert: My iPhone Gmail works again. 3 reboots, 3 password revokes, 1 network reset, 3 account deletes … and a partridge in a pear tree. #
  • Massive cross-Canada drug bust on gang modeled after Marvel comic books – #
  • How the fk does @herbgreenberg have 235k people following him on Google+? Can there be that many Louis Rukeyser lookalike fans? #
  • Met two VCs recently who were obvious plastic surgery victims. It's a hard old world when entrepreneurs are 22. #
  • Made it halfway thru Roberts' podcast with Tyler Cowen on Euro before I reached my usual OmigodRobertsisBatshit moment. #
  • It's alright. It's not your fault. RT @ulpmori: @pkedrosky im 20 :) #
  • Oh-oh, beard goggles: MF Global Employee Says Corzine Knew Funds Were Taken From Customer Accounts – #
  • After some obligatory huffing and puffing, Martin Wolf's latest is v good: A disastrous failure at the summit – #
  • OH: Person 1: Do you want your picture taken with Santa? Person 2: No, I'm going to Philadelphia. #
  • Remind me to remind you lovely people that I have a piece on Bono, Leviticus & debt dynamics in the next issue of Foreign Policy. #
  • [post] US Tax Rates in Three Graphs. Not Boring. Really. #
  • Oodles of metaphors: Pics of China's abandoned wonderland – #
  • Hugely worrisome when you meet random people you know pre-security in SFO. Unrelated: Hi @chr1sa #
  • Note to self: Next time screw appearances — take the Falcon F7X. #

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