Faux Facebook Cover on Economist

Cover of current Economist magazine is faux Facebook page. Clever.

Cover ww 6

Twitter Digest: 2012-02-02

  • Where was I that I missed season 2 of BBC's Sherlock series had started? Is this still 2012, or did I miss that too? ->
  • If only this ran on moose dung, but still: Wood-burning iPhone charger – http://t.co/7garpgnz ->
  • Why the Early U.S. Didn't Go the Way of the Euro zone – http://t.co/YvlypwNa ->
  • Apple getting into @strava / @runkeeper market?, or maybe into Expresso Fitness's? Sounds nifty. http://t.co/eJC3b4rc ->
  • More on THQ mess with uDraw – http://t.co/fmWtmVNr ->
  • Cannot believe I missed THQI short on uDraw screwup. Why did no-one here remind me this train-wreck was going on? ->

Sht Barefoot Runners Say

Sht Barefoot Runners Say – YouTube.

Twitter Digest: 2012-01-31

  • QotD: "Piracy is the new radio". — Neil Young http://t.co/Snf7uajT ->
  • Local fun. RT @BreakingNews: California's San Onofre nuclear power plant unit shut down after potential leak – @LANow ->
  • I often misread "the future of content" as "the future of contempt". I'm not so sure anymore that they are different things. ->
  • One interview down, nine more to go. Wish I knew what the news was that has everyone so worked up. ->

Seth Morrison, Ordinary Skier

/via Earlyups


  • The Human-Environment Dialog in Award-winning Children’s Picture Books (Source)
  • In Afghan war, rate of post-injury survival rises (Source)
  • Fingerprints of a Monster Quake (Source)

Will It Be You?

Nicely done Super Bowl PSA ad from my colleagues at Kauffman Foundation.

Twitter Digest: 2012-01-29

Twitter Digest: 2012-01-28

  • w = 2*t, where w = # of glasses of red wine required at home later, and t is time in hours at Dave & Buster's at bday party for 8 yos. ->
  • NYT on the boulevard of busted predecessors that RIM must navigate to make it back – http://t.co/ZSpaFVlv ->
  • Audi's e-tron Spyder Diesel-Electric Supercar: 108 mpg, 0-60 in 4.4s. Not bad. http://t.co/4YoQBMY1 ->
  • The never-ending issues in technology change: New Light-Bulb Battle a Breeze Compared With Edison's: http://t.co/h6S4JFf8 ->
  • Dragons at dim sum http://t.co/vZMTVpqO ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-01-27