Twitter Digest: 2012-05-24

  • Okay, I take back the nice things I've been saying about HTC One x. Nice hardware entirely ruined by horrific software. ->
  • Chelsea F.C.: Can't Buy Me Love /by @runofplay ->
  • Nifty webcam video of 1,300 acre wildfire in mountains east of San Diego today – ->
  • A time-honored tradition continues: European investors count losses on Detroit property – ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-05-23

Death of Equities, III

This sort of thing tends to happen at turning points — people declaring equities are toast for as far as we can see — but it’s still worth reading.

Nikhil Srinivasan, the man who decides where one of the world’s biggest insurance funds places its assets, wants to know why he should invest in stocks. “We are delivering what policyholders want,” says Allianz Investment Management’s chief investment officer, speaking from his Munich base. “So there is no need to get aggressive about equities.”

Allianz, with a total of about €1.7tn under management, has only 6 per cent of its insurance portfolio in equities, while 90 per cent is in bonds. A decade ago, 20 per cent was in equities. It is far from alone: institutional investors, from pension funds to mutual funds sold directly to the public, have slashed holdings in the past decade. Stocks have not been so far out of favour for half a century. Many declare the “cult of the equity” dead.

Markets: Out of stock.

Twitter Digest: 2012-05-20

Twitter Digest: 2012-05-15

  • Having long ago dated a lovely Dutch girl, I'm really torn on the whole Dutch disease thing – ->
  • Debate today on best cameo ever. It's this: "I loved you in Wall Street". Can there be debate? ->
  • I think I'm going to tweet in entish more often. Crazy satisfying. ->
  • The global hotel Club Sandwich index – /via @theeconomist ->
  • English too brief to show my love of this, so … entish: A-lalla-lalla-rumba-kamanda-lindor-burúmë – ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-05-14

  • Ski industry watching as eastern US resort sues insurer over catastrophe policy payout – ->
  • Can't believe the gold bugs aren't all over the tragic end of Canadian Tire money. ->
  • Apropos my amorality, I tried the psychopath test earlier today & turned out saner than I thought. / cc @jonronson ->
  • Chagrined I can't work up energy to care about Jamie Dimon, VaR models, etc. It used to be that when things were going to hell it bugged me. ->
  • Think of putting in recreational bid for FB IPO allocation. Torn among $$2.72, $3.14, and $0.57. What's your favorite transcendental? ->

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Twitter Digest: 2012-05-07

  • Tom Vanderbilt: We doth worry too much about the interweb – ->
  • Yahoo's Scott Thompson to Dan Loeb: Stop taunting me, or I shall write another memo. ->
  • VMTs, the Rosenhan study, robots, the Late Heavy Bombardment, favelas, chaparral, & Tomáš Berdych: I may be overdoing things in this deck. ->
  • Your kids need more dirt: Environmental biodiversity, human microbiota, and allergy are interrelated – ->
  • Love both of these guys: Evernote Acquires Penultimate – ->
  • Just used Priceconomics for first time to check a used Macbook price. Useful. ->