Twitter Digest: 2012-06-19

Twitter Digest: 2012-06-17

  • "Thanks largely to smartphones, this is probably the best time ever to live in a packed city." ->
  • My iMac is turning a lovely shade of purple when it locks up every hour, but the aesthetics are trumped by the irritation. ->
  • The best short trade of last 48 hours wasn't Greece — it was Tiger Woods in US Open. /via Betfair ->
  • Father's Day lunch ->
  • Some headlines write themselves RT @Reuters: Greek wildfire rages unabated near Athens ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-06-16

Twitter Digest: 2012-06-15

  • The Slow Web – ->
  • I get the excitement about a Microsoft tablet. After all, there's Zune. Wait, Lifecam. Fine, MS Mouse. Okay, be right back. ->
  • Given that Facebook told SEC in private correspondence that $/MAU doesn't matter, I look forward to learning about sunspots. ->
  • Trying to source Andy Rappaport's long-ago claim that only eight-ish startups a year matter in Bay Area. Anyway have anything? ->
  • Am "on hold" and "sending a fax" at once. #Max1980sPoints ->
  • Niall Ferguson, Max Hastings and others energetically arguing WWII on BBC's Start the Week ->

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Twitter Digest: 2012-06-05

  • "History repeats the old conceits / The glib replies the same defeats" – "Beyond Belief", Elvis Costello ->
  • This admittedly isn't a record, but longest men's rally so far at this year's French Open? An absurd 43 strokes. ->
  • You are correct: the three older than Powell's long jump record. RT @MarcosCarreira: @pkedrosky Shot Put, Hammer, Discus ->
  • The fourth-oldest men's world record in track & field is Mike Powell's 8.90m in long jump from 1991. What three records are older? ->
  • HBO: Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne for $30,000 ->