Twitter Digest: 2012-08-19

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Twitter Digest: 2012-08-17

  • Hot tip: When in doubt when flying international, assume your luggage was sent to Richmond, Virginia. ->
  • I've been on planes all day: Is Facebook still public? Zuck still CEO? ->
  • Think I'm suffering separation anxiety from my mtn bike. ->
  • Having messed with a Samsung S3 for 3 days, it is an IPhone killer in the way that bricks fly — which is to say it isn't. Too bad. ->
  • Dear United: "Really full" is your code word for "Your bags are goners, and the plane is full of toddlers". Got it. ->
  • Good comments by @petereavis on how tech companies live & die by making their futures mysterious – ->
  • Good analysis from @danprimack why FB shows VCs should distribute cash to LPs – ->
  • Geekishly amusing that the Rank() function in Excel gets messed up by ranking ties, much like Microsoft's HR policies. ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-08-16

Twitter Digest: 2012-08-14

  • Humans can be such astonishing critters: After a Jog 35 Years Ago, He's Still Running in Circles – ->
  • Speaking of Indurain, classic video of his chase of Alex Zuelle in the 1995 Tour stage to La Plagne – ->
  • I'd like a Stoppard-ian Rosencrantz play about Crazy Mary of the Peal Jam song. What's she doing when Vedder's not singing about her? ->
  • More on that Indurain physiology research paper /Again via @carolineclapham ->
  • Incredible: The Cycling Physiology of Miguel Indurain 14 years after Retirement. /via @carolineclapham ->
  • .@telisdemos What? Fire sales don't involve combustible materials? First tent-less tent sales, and now this. in reply to telisdemos ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-08-13

  • Now running tubeless tires front & back on my mtn bike. Feels like two ticking time-bombs. I like it. ->
  • Only missing Jason Voorhees' ki-ki-ki…ma-ma-ma sound: Toddler wearing GoPro plays hide-and-seek – ->
  • Your Aviation Tip for the Evening: Stay Out of Iowa! ->
  • Kashiwazaki Turkish Culture Village and the psychology of nuclear power | Spike Japan ->
  • Iconic ski lines: Jackson's Central Couloir – ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-08-12

  • Facebook flash mob destroys San Diego landmark. See here and here ->
  • Correction: 635 lightning strikes, not 670. Hey, what's 35 extra lightning strikes among we meteorology geeks. ->
  • 670 lightning strikes today in San Diego County. Ground-to-earth fireworks, all day long. ->
  • Grizzles vs Yellowstone hikers. Sad reading, all around. ->
  • You people really need to read the zombie paper I mentioned earlier. Stop tweeting. It's that good. ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-08-10

Twitter Digest: 2012-08-08

  • Meat Loaf in 1978 was like two guys coming blinking into light after yr in room with "Rocky Horror" VHS & old Playboys. ->
  • Soccer setting absurd records: If Lucas is worth 44 million euros then Neymar is priceless ->

  • <MonetaryPolicyBleat>Briefly listened to Richard Fisher of Dallas Fed today. Has he always been mad, or is this new?</MonetaryPolicyBleat> ->
  • Think I found TimeMachine backup problem: It's the Sparrow email cache. Now blocked. ->

Twitter Digest: 2012-07-16

  • With @marissamayer joining Yahoo as CEO, there are now 41 female Fortune 1000 CEOs — and 38 of them started since 2006. ->
  • .@philsimon Right. I immediately said to me, "Me, I knew that Larry Page didn't really have laryngitis!" in reply to philsimon ->
  • Lessee. Carry the … nothing. That's gonna hurt: California public employee pension earns 1% on investments – ->
  • Doing extensive field work today for my upcoming Lonely Planet travel guide book: SoCal Freeway Service Roads. ->
  • Irritated when analysts say public company CEO needs to lay out a vision. Total trap. Try: Share price 10% higher in 6-12 months. ->
  • On live TV just confused a producer in ear saying "wrap" with another guest saying "that's crap". Elicits different responses. ->