Mark Bezos on Making a Difference

One of my favorite short talks from this year’s TED University: NYC volunteer firefighter Mark Bezos on making a difference.

Michael Lewis (1989): How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street & World Economy

michael lewis japan quake 1989

Field Notes: Humans, Catastrophe, Vancouver, Power, Drought, Machu Picchu, etc.

  • Fire and early humans (Source)
  • Jumping On The Bandwagon Brings Rewards (Source)
  • Vancouver’s luxury home sales surge, largely due to influx of offshore money (Source)
  • Catastrophic Drought in the Afro-Asian Monsoon Region During Heinrich Event 1 (Source)
  • Nuclear power usage stats around the world (Source)
  • The Big Idea: Perennial Grains (Source)
  • Rediscovering Machu Picchu (Source)
  • Catastrophe and the power of panic (Source)
  • Beijing Airport Eclipses Heathrow to become second-busiest in world (Source)
  • Shell begins first natgas shipments to Japan (Source)
  • The almost-electric-grid of the U.S. (Source)

Field Notes: Gates, Bonds, Nukes, Pension Funds, etc.

  • Inside The Deal That Made Bill Gates $350,000,000 (Source)
  • States Test Mortgage Principal Write-Downs (Source)
  • The Makings of a Bond Debacle (Source)
  • Why Pension Fund Managers Generate Negative Alphas (Source)
  • Why I am not worried about Japan’s nuclear reactors (Source)
  • Search shakes to its roots (Source)
  • Google to launch major new social service shortly (Source)

Barron’s: The Money Whirl

Barron’s cover this week, The Money Whirl, is a keeper.

ON AS384 cover KS 20110312004733

Field Notes: Climate, Dubai, Demographics, Green, Libya, Japan, etc.

  • Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change « GIS and Science (Source)
  • Demographics: what variable best predicts a financial crisis? (Source)
  • Dubai on Empty (Source)
  • Brain scan: Betting on green (Source)
  • In the Thick of Libya’s Brutal Fighting: Tyler Hicks Describes One of the Toughest Battles He’s Ever Photographed (Source)
  • Astonishing post-quake footage of Japanese city of Minamisanriku (Source)

Honshu Tsunami Propagation Visualization

Fantastic visualization, from NOAA:

Geologist Roundup on Japan Quake

A few more technical looks at the M8.9 Japan quake last night from some of the geology blogs I read:
  • Japan M8.9 quake + tsunami (Source)
  • First reports of the M = 8.9 earthquake in Japan (Source)
  • Geotripper: 8.9 Earthquake in Japan (Source)
  • Japan Earthquake 11/03/2011 Recorded at Keele » Hypo-theses (Source)

Oil Matters More, or Less, Or Something

Apropos a writing project I’m working on, this figure from JPMorgan with dueling figures on the energy intensity of the U.S. economy.


Field Notes: Civilization, Search, Startups, Earthquakes, etc.

  • Western civilisation: A success that looks like failure (Source)
  • Largest Cities Through History (Source)
  • Hide sites to find more of what you want (Source)
  • Have Startups Become a Fetish? (Source)
  • 1906 San Francisco Quake in Living Color (Source)
  • How Gas Prices Are Eroding the American Dream (Source)
  • Natural gas gets a caution flag (Source)
  • Big Mac crowdsourcing: The burger bill(Source)