Allen on Gates on 60 Minutes

Controversial stuff, but Paul Allen on Bill Gates on 60 minutes:

Best quote from Allen is this one: I hope I don’t end up in a hotel room watching Ice Station Zebra over and over.

Who Works Hardest Around the World?

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One of Our Golfers is Missing

Like something from a B-movie jungle adventure flick, how pro golfer Kevin Na recorded a 16 on a par 4:

The Mountain

Jim Grant Talks the Evils of the Fed

Lengthy Jim “Interest Rate Observer” Grant interview with Consuela Mack as he talks the evils of the Fed. Repent!

Avalanche? Meet Airbag

Raw Footage – edit to follow from Jeff Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Your Moment of Tolkien Geekout

The lead-up and the first production video from the set of The Hobbit:

Deaths from Civil Wars Declining

Not to be distance from the tragedy, but what do people think this graph of deaths from civil wars will look like over next 30-40 years? Continued decline? My hunch is that the decline has ended, because of energy, water, etc., but I’m open to other ideas.

Civil wars

[via World Bank]

Shotgun in Dubai

Nutty pic of tiger riding shotgun in Dubai:

[via Top Gear]

Today in Toddler Trauma