A Tiny Day at Jackson Hole

This completes me: A tiny day at Jackson Hole doing backcountry lines. Be sure to blow it to full-screen HD wondrousness.

A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.

Dot-com Cribs: LAL.com

Put this in the euphoria time machine right now. It’s a keeper: a visit to the “offices” of LAL.com

Video: Mountain 1 – Snowmobile 0

Highmarking is the dopey practice of trying to see how high you can ascend on a steep mountain slope without getting stuck, flipping, or, say, causing an avalanche and dying.  Let’s just call highmarking a couloir, however, complete idiocy, as you’ll see at the end of the following sequence.

Sokol vs Sokal

Someone at this weekend’s Berkshire Hathaway love-in should ask Warren Buffett if he knew when he hired David Sokol if he knew about his role in the “Social text” affair. That should cause delightful post-modern amusement.

New Sendai Airport Tsunami Vid

Surreal and astonishing video of the speed with which the Japan tsunami struck the Sendai airport. From dry runway to helicopter floating by in no time flat.

China’s Shift: Sleeping in Internet Cafes

Great deck on the major sociotechnical shifts underway in China at 300m users join the interweb:

Field Notes: Floods, Tornadoes, China, Tail Risk, etc.

  • Preliminary rare EF-5 tornado in Monroe county Mississippi (Source)
  • Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: Paducah: Mississippi River at New Madrid (Source)
  • Chinese Citizens on Tour in Europe : The New Yorker (Source)
  • Adventures in Domain Names: Follow the Typos – Bloomberg (Source)
  • Better a Seller Than a Buyer of Tail Risk, Be – Bloomberg (Source)

Trouble with Airline Codes

Nothing like having an easily-confused airline code:

Kirsch Municipal Airport carries an unfortunate IATA identifier code and, if this comment to the Google Maps forum is genuine, it’s starting to wind up the local jet charter firm.

‘IRS’ is the common abbreviation for the Internal Revenue Service but, in Google’s geographic database, a search for ‘IRS’ doesn’t bring up the US Government’s mighty tax machine but rather a small airport in the northwest corner of Sturgis, Michigan.

“About two months ago we started receiving phone calls from individuals wanting to contact the Internal Revenue Service,” says the forum poster, whose name ‘raijets’ matches that of a Kirsch air charter company.

“We get 20-50 calls a day for the Internal Revenue Service – even after hours and on weekends.

More here.

Natural Gas: The Future.

I’m not in the natgas cornucoppian camp, but this Peter Tertzakian piece is still worth a read. The key is this graph:

BMW Apps Demo

Love this BMW iDrive app, but I have to assume they’re gated by movement. No Facebook/Twitter updating on the road, right?