Remembering Mark Haines

Oil Prices and Finger Monkeys

I’ve been messing with Google’s new Google Correlate tools this morning. It’s a service that lets you see which Google searches… [cont.]

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Field Notes: Twitter, Storms, Google, Drugs, etc.

Convective Storm Outlook for Today

From NOAA//NWS, today’s convective outlook across the central U.S. It could potentially be worse than yesterday in terms of activity.

<img… [cont.]

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Fun with Google Correlate: Oil and Ejaculation

Via the new and stupendously addictive Google Correlate, the top Google searches negatively correlated with WTI oil prices over last three years. I’m particularly fond of #5.

0.8722 hi5 en español

0.8630 latinchat

0.8608 flycell

0.8593 sonico

0.8523 eyaculacion precoz

0.8522 napster login

0.8506 when september ends tabs

0.8504 clear mobile internet

0.8504 september ends tabs

0.8503 ewallet

All Revenue is Not Created Equal, or the Case for Youku and OpenTable

Super post this morning by venture guy Bill Gurley of Benchmark musing on why all revenue is not… [cont.]

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Disrupting Venture Capital: Andreessen Horowitz to #1 Spot

I have argued for some time that venture capital is ripe for disruption. Partners are aging,… [cont.]

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How dogs lap: ingestion and intraoral transport in Canis familiaris

Geekishly great: The physics of how dogs drink:

How dogs lap: ingestion and intraoral transport in Canis familiaris

A. W. Crompton* and Catherine Musinsky


It has recently been suggested that the mechanism for lifting liquid from a bowl into the oral cavity during lapping is fundamentally different in cats and dogs: cats use adhesion of liquid to the tongue tip while dogs ‘scoop’ with their backwardly curled tongue. High-speed light videos and X-ray videos show that on the contrary, both cats and dogs use the mechanism of adhesion. Liquid is transported through the oral cavity to the oesophagus, against gravity, on the surface of the tongue as it is drawn upwards, then a tight contact between the tongue surface and palatal rugae traps liquid and prevents its falling out as the tongue is protruded. At least three cycles are needed for intraoral transport of liquid in the dog.

via How dogs lap: ingestion and intraoral transport in Canis familiaris.

Best Bad Startup Pitch Ever

I’m assuming this is a put-on, but it is the best bad startup pitch I’ve ever seen. It’s meandering, opaque and delightfully unwatchable, like something comedian Andy Kauffman might have done.

Video streaming by Ustream

Reports That Zynga Will File For IPO Open Floodgates Further

As I argued after the <a href=""… [cont.]

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