Today in Bad Charts

Today in bad charts, I offer you this sample from a new paper on clustering in IPO underwriting commissions. Notice where the black “line” is? The line of data obscures the data.

[Update] As someone suggests in a comment to this post, a histogram would be better.

Notes: Oil, Energy, iTunes, Cairo, Weeds, etc.

  • World Bank global economic report, June 2011 (Source)
  • Richard Dreyfuss dramatizes iTunes legalese (Source)
  • Statistical Review of World Energy 2011 (Source)
  • Eclectica Fund 2011 04 (Source)
  • The Black Swan of Cairo (Source)
  • Homer-Dixon on energy & complexity (Source)
  • Weeds Increasingly Immune To Herbicides (Source)
  • Aerobic capacity influences the spatial position of individuals within fish schools (Source)

48 Hours in Jackson Hole

As you might imagine, I love everything about this: 48 hours in Jackson Hole.

Weekend Winning in Jackson, Wyoming from Don Watkins on Vimeo.

Tracking Talent Flows in Silicon Valley

Some new research from an online recruiting service allows us to track talent flows in Silicon Valley. Where are people going? Where are they… [cont.]

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Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council

Steve Jobs presents to Cupertino City Council on June 7. Fairly remarkable moment…. [cont.]

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Vaclav Smil on Energy Myths

Good myth-busting talk from energy guru Vaclav Smil this week about lies we tell ourselves in energy… [cont.]

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Notes: Fusion-io, Fitness, Geeks, Sharing, Pink Floyd, etc.

Fusion-io raises IPO range (Renaissance Capital)How RunKeeper Could Become the Facebook of Fitness (Wired)Are We Entering the Second Great… [cont.]

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Vancouver Real Estate: Correction Calls, Again

If this is Tuesday, it must be time for more calls for a correction in Vancouver’s absurdly overheated real-estate market. While a… [cont.]

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Those Who Exist Only Online

We’re all in the Matrix already, it seems:

Two years after an Australian lawyer caused a stir by sending a foreclosure notice via… [cont.]

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Louis Theroux Visits Miami Mega-Jail

Part 1 of astonishing BBC documentary: