Twitter Digest: 2013-06-09

  • Given that I block NSA & PRISM tweets, was entertaining tuning into twitter & trying to figure why everyone was on about Lord Snowdon ->
  • Turned on GoT tonight just in time to catch Daenerys reenacting her Level 2 YMCA gymnastics pageant. ->
  • How Not to Be Alone | Jonathan Safran Foer – ->
  • Excellent, but fellow sports-med geeks only: Sports and exercise-related tendinopathies: a review – ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-06-07

  • Photo-set: Flooding Across Central Europe – ->
  • CDC Update: Severe Respiratory Illness Associated with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus – ->
  • Col Flagg: Have you ever heard of Malaysian Chest Implosion Torture?
    Radar: No.
    Coll Flagg: Good. It hasn’t been invented… yet. ->
  • tl;dr: There are Manchurian Candidate engineers at large tech cos that have stolen SSL root cert and NSA is using it for cattle mutilation. ->
  • Brian: …Will you please listen? I'm not the Messiah! Do you understand? Honestly
    Woman: Only the true Messiah denies his divinity! ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-06-05

Twitter Digest: 2013-06-04

  • The new Google Maps is truly Windows-ishly slow loading. I find myself non-clicking map links to avoid the dot-dot wait screen. ->
  • Looking at 1980 pollution levels — admittedly not only reason — a little hard to understand why LA is imhabited ->
  • VC1: Founder flaked again. He’s … like, the Cat Power of startup pitches. VC2: Does that mean anything? I’m over 40. ->
  • The Impact of Fuel Ownership on Intrastate Violence – ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-06-02

Twitter Digest: 2013-06-01

Twitter Digest: 2013-05-30

  • By that bullshit ex post argument, Stanford fucked up on Google because it didn’t take 50% of Google over Pagerank ->
  • Such a bullshit, ex post argument: Tesla Is Worse Than Solyndra ->
  • iPhone autocorrect insists “monocausal” and “menopausal” are interchangeable. Duly noted. ->
  • I know I’ll regret saying this in a hundred years, but … WTF would I do with 1,000 twitter lists? ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-05-28

  • wardrobe creep: the simple yet unstoppable process by which your SO's clothes take over your closet ->
  • Just some of the helpful items people are throwing into the $1 Hulu bid. I think we have this one. ->
  • Getting some helpful responses in my $1 Hulu bid. Guy with used Hartford Whaler ticket stubs, you know who you are. ->
  • Thinking of offering $1, plus a used Thomas the Tank Engine set for Hulu. Who’s in? ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-05-26

  • Incredible story: ‘Hollywood is turning my Reddit post into a film’: #FT ->
  • Gorgeous journalism: The 2013 Tasmanian fires, & the new breeds of wildfire that can't be fought – ->
  • 1816: The Year Without a Summer – ->
  • How unusual is this weekend's late season snowfall in New England and Upstate New York? – ->
  • Can’t quite believe we’re back again so soon in that annoying period between spring skiing and the new ski season. Sigh. ->
  • Just finished getting 1,000 responses on some questions on Google Survey. Never ceases to amaze how data collection has changed. ->

Twitter Digest: 2013-05-24