Twitter Digest: 2013-05-02

  • Entire squadron of electricians working here today. Am in awe at their ability to work on live circuits all day long with zero fatalities. ->
  • Unsettling to have fires this size so early in year in SoCal: Springs Fire Grows To 6500 Acres ->
  • Talking to Americans: Belief in biblical end-times is stifling climate change action in U.S. ->
  • SCENE: BOARDROOM. SAMSUNG S4 ENGINEERS SHOWING MOCKUPS TO EXECS. Engineer1: Is this ugly enough? Exec: Yes, that’s it. Finally. Ship it! ->
  • Marco Pantani: The End of a Troubled Road ->
  • Days of Investment Banking `Over’ ->
  • AAPL now up 14% since its April lows two weeks ago. ->

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