Twitter Digest: 2013-02-18

  • Speaking of movies better than the book they’re based on, fun list of 50 here – ->
  • Many movies are better than the book, but how many are as crushingly better as The Godfather? Movie: art; Puzo book: shlock. ->
  • Floyd Landis bringing the heat: Calls pro cycling 'organized crime' ->
  • Can't quite believe it's taken @ritholtz this long to figure this out: Why I Am Considering Getting Rid of Comments – ->
  • Apparently doesn't work, but clever idea: Mining your calendar data for tax deductions – ->
  • Dug out my snow shoes. Planning trek in storm here this week. Fond memories of being lost on Garibaldi Névé in flakes size of tea towels. ->
  • The 4 Best Cat Skiing Destinations in North America – ->