Twitter Digest: 2012-12-02

  • “‘Fiscal cliff' talks at a stalemate over tax hikes”. In other news, g = 9.81 m/s^2, & you can’t push on a rope. ->
  • My favorite anagram for a combined “Virgin” and “Delta”, should a deal happen: Darting Evil. /cc @VirginAmerica ->
  • Such an awesomely, obviously bad idea: Partnership Offers Support for Media Ventures – ->
  • Offspring1 to Offspring2: How did Bob Marley die? Offspring2: I dunno. He just shows up at Scrooge’s house. [Me: Holding tongue & enjoying] ->
  • One last weather stat: Max recorded rainfall storm total so far goes to Petrolia, CA, with an amazing 17.5 inches (0.4 m). ->
  • Max recorded wind speed so far in ongoing west coast weather event? 150 mi/h (250 km/h) at Mammoth peak. ->
  • A few ski days coming up. Six feet of snow and an extra 1000 acres of open terrain at my favorite hangout did the trick. ->