Twitter Digest: 2012-11-06

  • Okay, timer on Paul's Election 2012 News Blackout starts now, 2:30pst. Will report back how I do — unless I end up going full Hiroo Onoda. ->
  • My theory: I can go longer without knowing elec winner now than 20 yrs ago. My world less oral & more electronic — can just turn things off ->
  • Gonna see how long I can go without finding out who wins US election, assuming there is a winner. It's my anti-news test. ->
  • Seth's Blog: The curious imperative ->
  • William Baumol: The Case for Calm Over Rising Health Costs ->
  • Unanticipated effects: Quantitative easing has hit Japan hard: #FT ->
  • Armstrong's Fraud Paralleled EPO-makers' Feud ->