Twitter Digest: 2012-10-05

  • World’s Most Oblivious Hedge Fund — Daily Intel ->
  • On Bosphorus in Istanbul with @jeff looking for Spektor code machine. No sign yet. More later. ->
  • Holy smokes: Quantum computer maker D-Wave Systems raises $30M (making $61m now invested) – ->
  • Wonderfully unhinged nutterishness: Jack Welch accuses Obama of cooking jobs numbers ->
  • Achenbach amusement: Obama proves he’s no Manchurian Candidate – ->
  • Anti-war protesters here on street in Istanbul. Small group, but loud/angry. " We're against war, but we're not far from it", said PM today. ->
  • Slippery NEA defense of mega VC funds. Exercise for readers: Catch the tricks. ->
  • Been lots of talk about this here in Istanbul: As Rial Slides, So Do Iranians’ Dreams – ->