Twitter Digest: 2012-09-27

  • Fun in new Bloomberg poll: Bill Clinton wildly more popular than Obama, & George Bush more popular than Romney. ->
  • Best thing in WSJ piece tonight on people without cellphones? Senior complaining about young people without phones. ->
  • Of course, not all cheery in Waterloo: 1) RIM customers moving to low-price plans 2) Pressure on margins, & 3) $350m restructuring charge. ->
  • Wrt RIM's 20% vault higher, it was on news that Gangnam style has jumped the shark. Wait, no: It's because RIM beat big on sales/earnings. ->
  • Late getting to this — I might have been, you know, screwing around — but hilarious move from RIM tonight, up almost 20%. ->
  • segmentism: v., checking city Strava times in anticipation of a trip there. Usage: I'm going to Istanbul, so I'm doing some segmentism. ->