Twitter Digest: 2012-08-17

  • Hot tip: When in doubt when flying international, assume your luggage was sent to Richmond, Virginia. ->
  • I've been on planes all day: Is Facebook still public? Zuck still CEO? ->
  • Think I'm suffering separation anxiety from my mtn bike. ->
  • Having messed with a Samsung S3 for 3 days, it is an IPhone killer in the way that bricks fly — which is to say it isn't. Too bad. ->
  • Dear United: "Really full" is your code word for "Your bags are goners, and the plane is full of toddlers". Got it. ->
  • Good comments by @petereavis on how tech companies live & die by making their futures mysterious – ->
  • Good analysis from @danprimack why FB shows VCs should distribute cash to LPs – ->
  • Geekishly amusing that the Rank() function in Excel gets messed up by ranking ties, much like Microsoft's HR policies. ->