Twitter Digest: 2012-07-16

  • With @marissamayer joining Yahoo as CEO, there are now 41 female Fortune 1000 CEOs — and 38 of them started since 2006. ->
  • .@philsimon Right. I immediately said to me, "Me, I knew that Larry Page didn't really have laryngitis!" in reply to philsimon ->
  • Lessee. Carry the … nothing. That's gonna hurt: California public employee pension earns 1% on investments – ->
  • Doing extensive field work today for my upcoming Lonely Planet travel guide book: SoCal Freeway Service Roads. ->
  • Irritated when analysts say public company CEO needs to lay out a vision. Total trap. Try: Share price 10% higher in 6-12 months. ->
  • On live TV just confused a producer in ear saying "wrap" with another guest saying "that's crap". Elicits different responses. ->