Twitter Digest: 2012-07-10

  • I suck at adjusting MTB hydraulic disk brakes. Absolutely guaranteed it will be get-thee-to-bike-shop worse when I'm done. ->
  • #poll When I say "bet", what is the first word that comes to mind? (e.g., for "@dickc", you might say "bald") ->
  • California's Mammoth Aiming to Rival Vail Faces Upheaval: Blame muni bankruptcy & low snowfall, – ->
  • Here I was worried about SoCal mountain lions: Jogger knocked down and mauled by … raccoons – ->
  • The Doctor: Excuse me. Sorry. Where did you get all this from? / Mr. Copper: Why, I have a first class degree in economics. ->
  • Just to fuck with annoying behavioral finance sorts lets all commit to acting even less rational in second half of 2012. ->