Twitter Digest: 2012-06-20

  • Lovely, lovelier. loveliest: Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 – /via @sacca ->
  • Coming to this late, but current live interview with Ben Horowitz at Pando Daily is interesting – ->
  • Business idea: Reassemble and re-sell all the products being torn down by myriad teardown outfits. ->
  • What?!! RT @WSJ: Household consumption fell in European countries pursuing austerity, rose in those that aren't. ->
  • Speaking of Betfair/Intrade/PaddyPower/etc., why is there no central site were you can see biggest movers of the day across all such sites? ->
  • Idly wondering if someone ran a pump-n-pump on Higgs Boson DEC12 bets. Prices has collapsed in last 24 hours. ->