Twitter Digest: 2012-05-30

  • Vallejo, Calif., once bankrupt, is now a model for cities in an age of austerity – ->
  • And don't get me wrong, I'm advocating Ellisonian drinking & tweeting here. ->
  • Ellison live at AllThingsD has been sort of the audio equivalent of drinking and tweeting – ->
  • Condé Nast Traveler: Why Now Is the Best Time to Book a Trip to Greece – #SoGreeceHasThatGoingForIt ->
  • Kayak Said to Postpone IPO Following Facebook’s Tumble – Bloomberg ->
  • Now off to meetings. You people will have to entertain yourself with graphs for rest of day. ->
  • There's also this slide that annoys me. Meeker truly has skill to hold my opinions, and make me wish I didn't – ->