Twitter Digest: 2012-05-06

  • Dexter: You don't understand. I can't walk… they've tied my shoelaces together. / Topper Harley: A knot. Bastards! ->
  • You know, there aren't nearly enough articles & books worshipping at altar of Mark Zuckerberg. Wait, I have that backwards. ->
  • I hope we eventually get a chance to revel in this piece being dead wrong: The Maturation of the Billionaire Boy-Man ->
  • On a truly obsessive hunt for the right minimalist, modern M-65 jacket. No idea what's come over me. #TravisBickle ->
  • Drug trade abhors a vacuum: Foreclosed Houses Become Homes for Indoor Marijuana Farms ->
  • The frequent fliers who flew too much: The cost & consequences of unlimited first class air travel – ->
  • Slowly, and then all at once: The Horse Plague – ->
  • GITTES: But that means that most of the valley's been sold in the last few months. CLERK: If that's what it says. ->