Twitter Digest: 2012-04-02

  • Crushing debts, economic revolutions, & extraordinary popular delusions? Yup, Britain on eve of Industrial Revolution – ->
  • $60m RIMM-founder funded university think tank cancelled over lack of faculty support /via @rhh ->
  • Big Questions: Why are fantasy world accents British? ->
  • Research QotD: This research was funded by quarters pilfered from the snack machine up at the Kitt Peak Visitors’ Center. ->
  • Non-detection of the Tooth Fairy at Optical Wavelengths ->
  • GQ: New Tiger (Woods), Old Stripes – ->
  • Whew, guess we'll be okay: Investors Aim to Buy Thousands of Homes to Rent to Tenants – /via @brianstorms ->
  • Groupon QotD: "A business just doesn't go sideways and go in another direction overnight." ->