Twitter Digest: 2012-03-26

  • At 12.6% to-date, Q1 2012 is merely the 9th best Q1 in S&P 500 history. Best? 1987, which was 24% ytd. ->
  • A flood of semi-random twitter spam has been showing up in last 24 hours. Apparently twitter spam algo needs work. ->
  • I have no idea how/whether this will work, but it's damn clever: Pagerank for deals – ->
  • Next week: Medical academics prove that many doctors order too many expensive tests. More at 11. ->
  • What? Financial advisors sell short-run crap that helps themselves? Never. – /via @TimHarford ->
  • BBC Start the Week with Werner Herzog and Geoff Dyer on conundrums ->
  • Never fails to amaze what a transformative difference fat skis make on powder days. Like a different sport. ->