Twitter Digest: 2012-03-18

  • Good thought RT @ssotka: @pkedrosky Bringing in Smaug as security consultant for it? ->
  • Eurosport: Athens derby abandoned due to violence ->
  • QotD: Apple® will not be providing an update on the current quarter nor will any topics be discussed other than cash. ->
  • There are days when 8 yo boys fly kites, and days when kites fly 8 yo boys. This was the latter. ->
  • Apple to announce … something or another to do with its cash hoard – ->
  • You're in a maze of twisty Korean grocery store checkout lines, all alike. Drop kalbi. ->
  • Nothing like a bit of walkie-talkie hide-and-go-seek in rain-soaked canyons with my rain-soaked kids. ->