Twitter Digest: 2012-02-28

  • Oh sweet fuck. I feel like I'm trapped at the kids' table from hell. ->
  • I'm in. RT @Liftopia: Announcing National Play Hooky & Ski Week! Who's In? #playhookygoski ->
  • FT: John Paulson set record in 2011 for largest loss in hedge fund history: $9.6b. That's more than LTCM. ->
  • FT: Ray Dalio passes George Soros as world's most successful hedge fund by posting $13.8b gain last year. ->
  • A billion is the new million again. Every time I think I hear someone say they run a $X million fund it's actually a $X billion fund. ->
  • Ridley Scott creates TED talk from year 2023 – ->