Twitter Digest: 2012-01-05

  • Bernie Taupin: What I've learned – #
  • Seems optimistic, but … Top pro athletes thank God or their moms out of selectivity, not stupidity – #
  • Number of Times the New Yahoo Boss Said He or She Was “Excited”: Bartz: One / Thompson: Four – #
  • Yesterday I was in -21C temps; today it's +21C. The things a plane trip will do. #
  • RT @weathermatrix: -53 F in Alaska today #
  • Study: Watching local news make you give up on life, or something like that #
  • Pico Iyer: The Joy of Quiet – #
  • WSJ: 132-year-old Kodak is preparing a bankruptcy filing. #
  • Hemingway-esque how fast and how slow the steady collapse of companies like Kodak has been: Slowly, and then all at once. #
  • Sierra Nevada snow drought means Tioga Pass still not closed, setting new record for latest closure – #
  • Whoa, Formspring still exists. RT @sacca: Come on over here and ask me absolutely anything: #
  • McKinsey on five energy technologies to watch: grid storage, digital power, windows, electrofuels & clean coal – #
  • Map of global water withdrawal / capita good but needs stocks & flows - #
  • I want 2011 back. RT @herbgreenberg: Coming up momentarily: LIVE FROM MY HOME via skype…only on Street Signs @CNBC #
  • Why your mother always told you not to do low-altitude paragliding around roads –! #
  • Here is ski resort desperation for you: A mid-winter pass that extends if snow doesn't fall – #
  • Wonkish, but Didier Sornette valuation paper on Zynga. tl;dr: Over-priced. #
  • QotD: You really don't need to wash clothes as often as you think. Stains come and go, they just wear off. #
  • Beep. RT @bholly: @pkedrosky Your 50,000th tweet is coming up. Make it worthy of the milestone… No pressure. #
  • Bookstaber: We are mistaking high resolution and portability for advancement of culture #
  • Cute new twitter account: @ShitAnalystsSay (and no, it's not me) #
  • The @ShitAnalystsSay reminds me of old Mary Meeker question I captured during a long-ago quarterly call – #
  • Goalkeeper-to-goalkeeper goal in Everton/Bolton match. Remarkable.! /via @hblodget #
  • In the pantheon of hopelessly dumb articles planted by self-serving VCs, this ranks very high – #
  • I want to read this, I really do, but I have this strong no-books-blurbed-by-George-Will policy. #
  • JetSetter's 12 world travel destinations for 2012. Nice list, but Denver? #
  • Latest auto sales data shows Lexus got smushed (technical term) in 2011 – #
  • In @bloombergtv spots today with @tomkeene and @emilychangtv resp, I got to musing about zlotys/kroner as Scrabble sets & Swiss skaters. #
  • For any curious about Swiss skater connection I made on @bloombergtv today, that was AOL & Yahoo as frick & frack – #
  • Immense geekery alert: All 6-letter and longer words that can be made from zlotys/kroner currency combo – #
  • Graphs of year-over-year snow differences in US west. Drought seems tepid. #

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