The Ski Resort Death Watch

Sad to see but inevitable: ski resorts in the normally snowy U.S. west close, partially close, or run unsustainable gambits to coax skiers to scrape across rocks and ice.

  • Mt Ashland, Oregon, closes (Source)
  • Lake Tahoe’s Homewood resort closes mid-week (Source)
  • Mammoth launches self-extending mid-winter pass tied to snow’s eventual arrival (Source)


  1. Hey Paul,

    The best kept secret on the West Coast is Mt Washington on Vancouver Island (Snow Base: 214cm). Check it out…I can't vouch for the cool factor or the night life but the skiing is fabulous.

  2. Thank god for Liftopia. They can't make it snow but can at least help ski resorts align lift ticket prices with value. No one should pay the $90 for a day on a large mountain when only 3 lifts are open (but for $30 I'll take a few runs and have lunch at one of the restaurants).

  3. Wild fluctuation in fortunes between North America and Europe.
    We had no precipitation in Switzerland for 45 days up until December 13th or so. And it hasn't stopped snowing since.
    Epic amounts for the Alps.

  4. SueAccuweather says:

    The real tragedy is the extreme hype that AccuWeather (and others that went along with them) caused this past October for their winter forecast, saying places like Chicago would be nailed severely with brutal cold and snow (predicting over 50 inches of snow in Chicago). Winter is 1/3rd finished so AccuWeather better be praying for an Ice Age to manifest this month and February, else Barry Myers (the attorney who owns AccuWeather) could have a class on his hand to deal with because of this egregiousness <… >