Twitter Digest: 2011-12-23

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  1. James Cameron says:

    The Depression ended not simply because the military needed more materiel, but because the government used wartime demand to transform what America made. Financing all those investments helped lead the country out of the Depression and established a new and important sector for the economy. Aerospace and its related industries became a key component of the postwar boom.

    Nice piece . . . one wonders what lessons can be derived from it for today.

  2. Paul — I wonder why you can't put up with any criticism of your beloved Hitchens. This unreconstructed Marxist advocated an ideology that resulted in 100 million deaths (more by orders of magnitude than any religious worldview he attacked) and would have resulted undoubtedly in many more if Hitchen's vision of "the Red Army watering its horses at Hendon" had come to pass. Queen Elizabeth would undoubtedly have been hanging from someplace high. How lovely. He switched teams and bonded with the neocons long enough to advocate more death, in Iraq.

    In upholding this hateful man, you show your own deplorable character. Irony is, Hitchens' favorite societies dispatched with capitalists like yourself in short order. I expect you will delete this post, as you deleted other criticisms of Hitchens, since you have no thinking response to make.