Twitter Digest: 2011-12-17

  • Say what you will about sovereign debt, Europe has excellent snow conditions. #
  • Looks like crunchy open for RIMM. This should be amusing. #
  • RIMM open? Off a mere 12%. Good golly. Value traps get 'em every time. #
  • People are posting some nutty guesses for Zynga's open/close today. You kids. #
  • Btw, am on Bloomberg TV today around 3pm pst talking about hair tonics, etc. #
  • SInce there is nothing much to be said about Zynga's unimpressive $11 opening, I will point out that at least it's prime. #
  • .@robfdaniel Well, the issue is structural on many recent IPOs with so much latent pressure taking off by pre-IPO secondary market activity. #
  • I bet colleague earlier this year that IPO class of 2011 would see low pops, in part because of pre-IPO secondary market sales. #
  • Alert: Turns out we're not talking about hair tonic on @BloombergTV today at 3pst. Seems Zynga is gaming company, not hair product. #
  • Anecdotal empiricists drive me absolutely nuts. #
  • Yes, clever no? RT @leighblue: @pkedrosky you're deducing that from personal experience? #
  • Fun day: Zynga now down around $9, while Tim Hortons just passed RIMM's market cap. Donuts over doodads! #
  • Spectacular Atlantic photo set: The Year in Volcanic Activity – #
  • I'm freezing at 16C in San Diego. I am so screwed next week in Toronto. #
  • Gearheads: Any Arc''teryx Thera AR users? Like it? Need new shell. #
  • How having @herbgreenberg as a customer kills cellphone companies #
  • On @BloombergTV at 3pst. Let's run on-air experiment: I'll think of a number between 9 and 11. You guess & send it to me telepathically. #
  • Shh, don't tell me yet. RT @GregCook2011: @pkedrosky @BloombergTV 10.10571 #
  • 9+i <= x <= 11+i RT @EpicureanDeal: @pkedrosky Can the number be in the imaginary plane? #
  • Accepted. RT @EpicureanDeal: @pkedrosky Counterpropose 9 ± ni ≤ x ≤ 11 ± ni, where 0 ≤ n ≤ ∞ #
  • Reuters quoting tiny asset managers about RIM is like asking a duck about the company – /cc @felixsalmon #
  • Today in uber-bullishness: ‘Raging Bull’ Powers Citigroup U.S. Stock Call: Chart of the Day – #
  • Today in strange medical syndromes I only just heard of: Münchausen syndrome by proxy – #

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