Twitter Digest: 2011-12-16

  • Google Zeitgeist 2011: How the world searched – #
  • How US steers oil suppliers away from democracy. Wait, I may have that backward. /via @nouriel #
  • Happy New Year 1998 to S&P! RT @BloombergNews: France braces for cut in AAA debt rating – #
  • Right. Lucky Canada! RT @HighlySalassee: @pkedrosky so supplying oil to the USA has increased Canada's democracy score? #
  • Dear Facades: Cease glittering. My read of journalism is that your problems always start there. Helpfully, P. #
  • JPM: Top 25 online retail sites represented 70% of total eCommerce sales in November, up from 67% share last year. #
  • Legal Language Explorer: Like Google Ngram meets US Supreme Court. Fascinating. /by @computational #
  • Copyright as the new patents: LLE look at copyright vs patents in US Supreme Court – #
  • Word of day: "Banker's dozen", where customer receives 11 of the product for the price of 12 – /cc @ritholtz #
  • So, having seen, like, three hours of TV in 2011, I somehow saw one of GQ's best episodes of year: GoT S1E6 – #
  • Great new SNL skit mocking Rick Perry's pious pandering on religion. Wonder who that guy is playing Perry. #
  • In RIM’s Waterloo, the stakes ‘have never been higher’ – #
  • Reading John Jeremiah Sullivan’s “Pulphead” – #
  • Congrats to my friends at @liftopia for launching their ski conditions/deals app. Nice. Now, snow please. #
  • Hugely amusing that Zynga just updated its IPO filing to say that its CEO Mark Pincus has been called "fearsome". #
  • Comparing the pre/post "fearsome" Zynga IPO filings with track changes on. Just 'cause it amused me. #
  • Apparently @runkeeper thinks my trail running is like punctuated teleportation. Or there are GPS issues. Either one. #
  • Shaking head at RIMM's results tonight. How can one company so consistently under-deliver on bad expectations. It isn't easy. #
  • I just mixed up Blofeld and Goldfinger. There goes my Bond baddie secret spy decoder ring and lapel button. #
  • Anyone know whether Zynga has IPO plans? Just heard of them and they sound hot, somethig to do with cellular phones. #
  • The sudden media we-knew-it-all-along-ishness about RIMM is annoying. No, you didn't. You only got smart when it was obvious. #
  • Timely call. RT @arrington: @pkedrosky by the way, i remember how much this pissed everyone off back in 2008. #
  • Fun Bloomberg graph showing how RIMM analyst ratings have trailed after its share price all year. #
  • I blow my nose at you, so-called "Arthur King": French central banker says UK should be downgraded first #
  • Reality gets better and better: Pair of Robbers Want Only iPhones, No BlackBerries – #
  • Remarkable reading: A Minute By Minute Breakdown of MF Global's Last Week On Earth – #
  • The six stages of screwed products: Stage 1 – Stuff you can sell at a premium #
  • Stage 2: Stuff you can only sell at market prices #
  • Stage 3: Stuff you can only sell at a discount #
  • Stage 4: Stuff you have to give away #
  • Stage 5: Stuff you can't give away. #
  • Stage 6: Stuff people won't steal. #
  • Rick Perry tonight likely meant an overfly zone over Solyndra, not Syria. Easy mistake to make. #
  • November 2011 US precipitation anomaly map. Most of West's mountains running <50% of normal – #

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