Twitter Digest: 2011-12-14

  • G&M: Dennis Gartman out of gold, proclaims ‘death of a bull’: #
  • Since touching $15.20 on Nov 28, GRPN has run like scared couponing cat, now up 56%. #
  • Spoke to White House official about this last week, & passing it along: Entrepreneurs in Residence at USCIS. Neat idea. #
  • More background on White House immigration entrepreneurs program – #
  • Today in crappy forecasters: JPM chart of sell-side firms whose S&P forecasts were off >10% – #
  • Exactly. RT @KeithMcCullough: @pkedrosky horrendous – basically if the mkt is down on the yr, most of them get it wrong #
  • I haven't been offered a Free iPad yet today on Twitter. Can someone please fix that. #
  • NSFW-ish, but I'm fascinated by the ongoing fascination with pubic hair's disappearance – #
  • While NTSB is banning cell phones in cars, I would get right on banning kids in cars. Incredible nuisance. Pretty vistas too. #
  • Kyle Bass doing his patiently Euro-apocalyptic thing on BNN today – #
  • Freakonomics: The statistics of what went wrong – #
  • SoCal real estate prices still falling merrily, on increasing volume – #
  • Highly liberating. RT @rwrodgers: @pkedrosky I find it odd that Fed rate decisions now make me yawn. #
  • Just reminded what a distraction I find bad drivers. Along with cell phones, kids & pretty vistas, can the NTSB ban those too? #
  • My Google Sync on iPhone @Gmail is newly throwing a "Password Incorrect" error. Given that nothing has changed, wtf do i do? Any Google-ers? #
  • Yes, I do. RT @rklau: @pkedrosky Do you have 2factor authentication enabled for that account? #
  • NYT: Shunning Facebook, and Living to Tell About It – #
  • Today in tail risks: Iran army declines comment on military exercises in Strait of Hormuz – #
  • Okay, this out-of-blue @gmail sync password error is making me barking mad. Seems many people have same issue. Google? @mattcutts ? Anyone? #
  • Alert: My iPhone Gmail works again. 3 reboots, 3 password revokes, 1 network reset, 3 account deletes … and a partridge in a pear tree. #
  • Massive cross-Canada drug bust on gang modeled after Marvel comic books – #
  • How the fk does @herbgreenberg have 235k people following him on Google+? Can there be that many Louis Rukeyser lookalike fans? #
  • Met two VCs recently who were obvious plastic surgery victims. It's a hard old world when entrepreneurs are 22. #
  • Made it halfway thru Roberts' podcast with Tyler Cowen on Euro before I reached my usual OmigodRobertsisBatshit moment. #
  • It's alright. It's not your fault. RT @ulpmori: @pkedrosky im 20 :) #
  • Oh-oh, beard goggles: MF Global Employee Says Corzine Knew Funds Were Taken From Customer Accounts – #
  • After some obligatory huffing and puffing, Martin Wolf's latest is v good: A disastrous failure at the summit – #
  • OH: Person 1: Do you want your picture taken with Santa? Person 2: No, I'm going to Philadelphia. #
  • Remind me to remind you lovely people that I have a piece on Bono, Leviticus & debt dynamics in the next issue of Foreign Policy. #
  • [post] US Tax Rates in Three Graphs. Not Boring. Really. #
  • Oodles of metaphors: Pics of China's abandoned wonderland – #
  • Hugely worrisome when you meet random people you know pre-security in SFO. Unrelated: Hi @chr1sa #
  • Note to self: Next time screw appearances — take the Falcon F7X. #

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  1. I was having Gmail on iPhone issues, too – turns out that cookies had been turned off in Safari. This happened two or three times, and I swear I never touched that setting. Try that first, next time.