Twitter Digest: 2011-12-13

  • The fight to save Cooper Union #
  • JJS the new DFW #
  • Remember five years ago when I said I hated T-W Roadrunner for its absence of status, flaky service, etc? Update: Still do. #
  • New Scientist: The rise and fall and rise of peer-to-peer lending – #
  • It's like the entire Interweb is running at 33 1/3 instead of 45 rpm this morning. You all sound funny. #thankstimewarner #
  • JP Morgan has out a crazy-long 156-page doc forecasting US markets in 2012. tl;dr: Right – 15 times; Wrong – 1 time. #
  • Pew: Extending all the tax bennies set to expire in Jan 2012 would raise budget deficit by 152b – #
  • Note to China bulls: Hendry's China "short fund" up 52% in 2011 – #
  • Is it just me missing a teensy icon, or does @flipboard for iPhone really not support Readitlater? #
  • Drives me mad that T-W RR response to issues is always to reboot, direct connect to cable modem, etc. Drives me blinking mad #
  • Convinced that TW R-R asks people to direct connect mostly because they know people won't, and then feel guilty & won't pester further. #
  • Nice RT @fredwilson: Let Everyone In Congress Know Just How Many Of Us There Are: I Work For The Internet: #
  • With MF Global CEO, CFO and COO now all saying they don't know where customer funds went, that leaves me and I'm not talking. #
  • The Scientist: Why People Lost Their Fur #
  • Fun with faux unemployment graphs: Today In Dishonest Fox News Charts – /via @sacca #
  • So, to summarize: the president of Microsoft Phone is still the president, but he's now been replaced & not there. Got it. #
  • Alchemy, the new alt investment magazine from SecondMarket – / via @mikesimonsen #
  • Infinite stupidity, docile copiers and the trouble with innovation – #
  • FT: Fat-tail fever in oil markets – #
  • This can't possibly work — someone report back: How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds /via @nelderini #
  • Twitter consensus is that the garlic-peeled-in-10-seconds thing works. My life is turned upside-down-ish. #
  • Not to digress from garlic, but I see that Jive Software IPO priced tonight at $12, higher than expected. #
  • 2005 was the first year that US homes priced >$500K outsold homes sold for <$100k. That ended in 2008. #
  • Giving two talks in early January on my three best investing ideas for 2012. Long, short, whatever. Always like doing those. #
  • .@specialsin Work in progress. Have 5-6 I'm sorting through to decide what I really want to talk through publicly. #
  • Looking back at 2011 ideas, critical Sony piece on Bloomberg tonight: Sony Shopping is ‘Wrong Direction’ in Apple War #
  • I defy you to not be blown out of your ever-loving mind by JP Auclair at 2m15s of the All.I.Can trailer – #
  • Nifty historical multi-currency inflation graph from DB – #
  • Good point by Citi in oil market report: In contrast to every other market, higher Middle East oil prices boosts oil demand there. #

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  1. The garlic trick works…wear earplugs.