Twitter Digest: 2011-12-12

  • Such a strange feeling in the age of twitter, email, & realtime to discover a former colleague died a month ago. #
  • It takes just one early chart of aggregate debt, money supply, etc not normalized against GDP before I exit presentations. #
  • Another life goal completed: I'm in the Aspen Times today – #
  • Handy chart from UBS summarizing "at risk" IT spending in countries with debt issues – #
  • One more useful graphic from that new UBS report: Cloud services spending growth. Big numbers. #
  • Word of the day: beard googles. To be convinced one's facial hair looks great, even if looks bad to everyone else. #
  • Coldest temperature in the world last month? A balmy -77.8 F (-61 C) in Vostok, Antarctica – #
  • QotD: Monocle isn’t just a read, it’s a status stmt suggesting u travel with blankets made of baby alpaca /via @s_m_i #
  • Does @Dropbox newly hate me? Can't establish a secure connection with my Mac OSX widget. Am I the only one? #

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