Twitter Digest: 2011-12-10

  • Male Elite Athletes' Higher Prevalence of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis – #
  • Finally read the remarkable Pop Mechanics piece on the crash of AF 447. Riveting and instructive. #
  • Not to be all 1%-ish, but every time I ski in Vail I am reminded how much more I like Aspen. #
  • 17 h of sustained wakefulness in adults is performance equivalent of a blood alcohol level of 0.05% #
  • Warren Buffett wants his son Howard to succeed him as head of Berkshire Hathaway – /via @BreakingNews #
  • Canadian citizenship to be stripped from thousands in largest fraud sweep in country's history #
  • I'm sucker for this sort of stuff: Calibrating the End-Permian Mass Extinction #
  • Playing with the new Twitter ui, echo most comments: hiding DM dumb, tiny search, discover is pointless, & connect is opaque. But pretty. #
  • Late December weather forecast is looking fun: "Multiple dynamic storms", rains, snow, etc. Benign period ends. #
  • Forget Stadiums, Cities Should Fight For Apple Stores – #
  • Mountain lion spotted a few hours ago on my usual running trail. Hate when those guys get training bug. #
  • RT @nytimestravel: We want to hear your tales of epic ski slope wipeouts. Tweet them w/ #mywipeout #
  • Will be hanging with @emilychangtv on @BloombergWest TV today around 3:10 pst. Think we're talking about hats. #
  • LazyAudioTwitter: Does anyone have any idea what sort of audio filters NPR uses to make hosts sound like that? #
  • Had a top strategist argue in NYC this week that the "set it and forget it" trade for next decade is … Asian healthcare. #
  • NYT: 'Batman' Soars to No. 1. Again. #
  • At @bfeld's recommendation, picked up an iFitness belt for running with iPhone/Runkeeper. Very nice. #
  • Getting my own medicine. RT @WBPetersen: @pkedrosky @bfeld Telluride Wednesday #
  • Just realized you can live sync the awesome Flight Track app with the equally awesome Tripit. I still hate travel, but life is way better. #

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