Twitter Digest: 2011-12-09

  • RIM: That BBX name for our cool new software? Well, not so much – #
  • I can totally sympathize with Jon Corzine: Like him, I had onky limited involvement in MF Global clearing & settlement. #
  • It seems clear the main thing pre-summit European leaders can rally around is annoyance with Tim Geithner's presence. #
  • The math of monkeys, art and figure skating – /cc @johnallenpaulos #
  • Great data from Mark @readitlater/@longreads about what articles people … read later. #
  • Mark Buchanan on power laws in finance. Here ( and here ( #
  • Even if you're AEO (All Eurozone-ed Out) Willem Buiter's FT piece today on collapse is worth a read – #
  • MF Global and the great Wall St. re-hypothecation scandal. /via @jamessaft #
  • I'm wondering whether MF Global customer money should go before or after the Battle Anghiari in the list of famous lost things. #
  • Spam of the day: Gosh, this sounds serious. #
  • .@complex Yes, I should have been clearer: It's almost certainly someone who has had their email hacked. #
  • The year in photos, Part 1 ( and Part 2 ( Incredible stuff. #
  • John Lanchester: The Art of Financial Disaster · #
  • On @bloombergradio talking Europe, and waiting for Bob from New Jersey to call in. #
  • Citing @kauffmanFDN data, Sen. Moran & Warner unveil #startupact this am. Check out #
  • Lunch with @ritholtz in NYC before going to airport. Only had one other diner scold us/him for being too loud. Progress. #
  • Just recreationally ran Speedtest on this in-flight wifi. Not to begrudge the magic of bits, but holy smokes 0.12/.15 mbps is slow. #
  • A weakening Christopher Hitchens continues to offer lacerating & unblinking musings on mortality – #
  • Telegraph: Euro summit rocked by row over veto plan – #
  • NYT: Iran Shows U.S. Drone on TV, and Lodges a Protest – #
  • The making of JP Auclair's "best urban ski segment ever" – #
  • Hedge fund friend points out that Corzine not taking the fifth today is like Corzine not wearing a seatbelt … #
  • The Atlantic's Year in Photos, Part 3 (Here's Part 1 & Part 2 #
  • McKinsey report today on "peak equity" & demographics is worth reading – #
  • [Paper] Why yawning is more contagious with family than with strangers – #
  • New paper ( on happiness on Twitter: We're sadder than when Lehman failed – #
  • Rumors out of Brussels tonight suggest EU leaders are reaching rapid disagreement on things that don't matter. Kudos! #
  • Colleague to me today: Who says Wall Street can't focus? It has fixated on Europe crisis for two years. #
  • Just explained to someone tonight that Leviticus is best understood as Judge Judy for desert tribes. #
  • When I see the word "re-hypothecation", I always say to myself … Self, wouldn't this sound great if Daffy Duck said it? #
  • Final draft Euro Area statement – /via @interfluidity #

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  1. Buchanan commits a classic man-with-a-hammer fallacy by claiming that markets are natural systems like plate tectonics, free of human meddling and deception. Physicists who think that all nonlinear systems are alike are just as deluded as economists who treat all systems are linear.