Twitter Digest: 2011-12-07

  • Big plane in high wind doing crosswind landing recently in Calgary. Impressive. #
  • "Let's go downtown and talk to the modern kids / they will eat right out of your hand" #
  • I so rarely drive anywhere, let alone during morning rush hour, that I find the experience bizarre, like mechanized performance art. #
  • Me-thinks @tylercowen (Great Stagnation) & @atabarrok (Innovation Boom) need to get a seminar room & work things out. #
  • I have been ruined by SoCal: Snowy landscapes go from lovely to monochromatic in ~2 days. Must I hand back my Canadian passport? #
  • Thanks Andy. MT @AndySack: great, simple explanation of startup fundraising from @pkedrosky #
  • Is every human seated within a 2m radius of me today conspiring to piss me off? Every time I think I can't hate travel more, I do. #
  • I need to quote me in third-person more often. "Cautiously pessimistic Kedrosky loathes all airlines" /cc @ritholtz #
  • That I recently had to explain Greek sovereign CDS to someone from UBS can't be a good thing. #
  • New evidence of Native Americans' population bottleneck at European contact: 50% contraction – #
  • New Scientist: Earth's wild historical ride through the galaxy – #
  • Okay, says Kedrosky RT @ritholtz: @pkedrosky Hey, it was the headline at Forbes — i just retweeted it! said an irked Ritholtz to Kedrosky #
  • #NowPlaying Stereogum Top Albums of 2011 on @Spotify #
  • Moments ago on my Delta flight: Apparently Santa now flies sans-reindeer commercial – #
  • Santa-austerity RT @richriker: @pkedrosky looks like he had to slim down to avoid the extra seat fee for overweight people also #
  • Otherworldly super Jackson Hole skiing in this highlight reel from Andrew Whiteford – #
  • Today in Wikipedia genetics: "This article is about the forms of a gene. For the alternative metal band, see Allele (band)." #
  • Dear @GoogleMaps: Isn't New York in rain at 5:30pm bad enough? Do you really have to make your first choice route in from JFK an absurdity? #
  • Damn you iPhone autocorrect! RT @acotgreave: @pkedrosky nice platypus. i shall enjoy later. #
  • QotD: “We can’t Facebook our way out of the current economic status quo.” – Neal Stephenson /via @edward_tenner #
  • Weird how many people I run into that consume twitter via Flipboard. Is this a skewed sample, or widespread? #
  • .@jameskwantes I use Echofon across Mac/iPhone/iPad. #

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  1. So I don't want to be a turd, but did the high wind pilot do a great job or did he commit to a landing he shouldn't have and just got damn lucky?