Twitter Digest: 2011-12-05

  • RT @jyarmis: 15 years ago today, Alan #Greenspan coined the term #IrrationalExuberance (cc @pkedrosky) #
  • RT @briantimoney: Poignant and tragic look at life & death of Derek Boogaard and the culture of Hockey Enforcer #
  • MT @Real_interloper Grantland interview with former hockey enforcer, now lawyer, Stu "Grim Reaper" Grimson. Disturbing. #
  • FT: New York, Monaco, London, Hong Kong, Rio & Vancouver still chased by high-end real estate buyers #
  • Why is there not an after-market aux jack in-car AirPlay audio dooflingie? /cc @fredwilson #
  • Wall Street's competency is separating fools from money: Inidividuals' currency trading quadruples — most lose money #
  • Why am I going somewhere with a windchill of -25 F? Did I agree to this? #
  • At San Diego airport for second time today. Keep reminding myself that I'm on way to Necker Island, which isn't working, insofar as I'm not. #
  • Btw, iPhone just tried to autocorrect "second time" to "sexy clinic". Where do I sign? #
  • What ever happened to "verse/chorus/verse"? When did it become "thing/dissonant thing/thing"? #
  • If you need to find people who talk to "Kenny", describe options as "stock pinch" and leave long voicemails, come to United biz class. #
  • I'll give DIA airport this: the dozens of blinking snowplows arrayed like a horizontal Christmas tree are pretty. #
  • It is 2011 and I just discovered I like me some LCD Soundsystem. I really to get out more. #
  • Idyllic DIA under snow #
  • Today in Donald Barthelme: Overnight to many distant cities #

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