Twitter Digest: 2011-12-04

  • Cute Reuters interviews: Old media executives too busy, private for Twitter – /via @hblodget #
  • David Gelernter interview on lifestreams – #
  • Unsettling new paper: Observed decreases in oxygen content of the global ocean #
  • Teasing Herb should be London 2012 event. RT @SullyCNBC: Just picked up two gift books for @herbgreenberg #
  • Bearish Barron's piece on Shutter fly depressed me. Reminder that I looked at it as short 3 times this year. Argh. #
  • Fine, it's seemingly everywhere today, so let's just get it over with & make this CAPS LOCK SATURDAY. #
  • U.S. medical school applications reach all-time high /via @DrVes #
  • Apropos the recent furor over JP Auclair's urban ski video, sobering news: the first urban ski death – #
  • Beyond hilarious: The 25 Funniest Autocorrects Of DYAC’s First Year – /via @kevinkrim #
  • Came into home office today to see offspring had enacted hook-and-ladder Matchbox rescue across my flat panel. Serious stuff. #

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  1. Very sorry to hear about the death of Will Schooler. It wasn't until I saw this post that I checked out the J.P. Auclair video. Freestyle skiing has come a long way. My late friend, Mark Uglesich, was one of the early proponents of freestyle skiing in the U.S. Seeing this, I wonder what he would think if he were here now. RIP, Mark.